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Resolved! Apple Workout triggering STRAVA Beacon

Is there a way to have a STRAVA Beacon started when starting an apple activity? My Garmin Felix automatically sends a STRAVA beacon when beginning a run, so I was hoping this can work with an Apple workout as well. 

Resolved! spin

Hello! I have one question though! When I go to the gym for a spin class, I can't directly add the distance covered to my profile? Am I not able to do it or is it not possible? Every time I have to manually add the spin workout and the distance, and ...

IfarZe by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Import .csv files from Garmin

After deleting an activity by mistake , I have found that it is impossible to manually import the csv file from Garmin connect to strava , to reinstate the deleted activity. Is there a solution for this?Many thanks Andy

Resolved! Change Privacy Settings by Activity Type

Is there anyway to change privacy settings by activity type? Or Alternatively stop my garmin watch from uploading certain activity types to Strava? I would like certain activities i.e weight training to be private while other activities (mountain bik...

iPhone 8 Low Power Mode Notfications

My wife (65) has an iPhone 8 with 98% battery, it's quite new, but it runs out on long runs so she is trying low power mode that I setup. This allows her to stream a radio station and strava to keep going in excess of 6 hours (she needs that when she...

X3 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Image posting in "Manual activity"

Hello Strava, I recently found an issue where images currently selected for posting cannot be viewed in full.I feel this would be a great addition so users can check photos are correct. You could potentially allow the images added to a manual activit...

Resolved! Moving from Adidas Running (Runtastic)

I've finally gotten fed up with the Adidas Running app. It was terrific until Adidas bought it but it's gone steadily downhill. I have a Galaxy S22+ and a Galaxy Watch 5. The app constantly loses GPS connectivity and to top it off, most of the time i...

id-bob by Mt. Kenya
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