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Resolved! Average Pace

Hello Ive been a Strava user for a number of years, and have always used the average pace function - my average pace across total distance run - to track my runs i seem to have automatically been given a preview subscription and now, when I run, I ca...

Alex9 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Swimming map

Why when I swim in the sea, does it not put a map on my activity. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn’t. I have gps and my phone is alway with me too

Emma6181 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Change Privacy Settings by Activity Type

Is there anyway to change privacy settings by activity type? Or Alternatively stop my garmin watch from uploading certain activity types to Strava? I would like certain activities i.e weight training to be private while other activities (mountain bik...

Resolved! Virtual walking feature

I can't find the feature suggestion board anywhere. Sorry.Suggested feature:A lot of people now own walking pads to use when working from home.When I use mine Strava thinks I have been for a run and I can't change it to walking."Virtual walking" as a...

Resolved! Invalid time while importing training from GPX

Hi Guys I am importing my hiking trails from 3rd party app. I review GPX files manually, and all tracking points look fine, but imported to Strava shows training duration e.g. 1:16h while in origin it was 8:32h. Have any idea? I have already tried su...

Creating routes with segments

When creating long routes 300+ km not all segments are shown. I understand the reason for this due to the huge amount of segments. But would be great if the stared segments are prioritized. Otherwise they will not be loaded as part of the route to my...

NADH by Shkhara
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Resolved! Apple Workout triggering STRAVA Beacon

Is there a way to have a STRAVA Beacon started when starting an apple activity? My Garmin Felix automatically sends a STRAVA beacon when beginning a run, so I was hoping this can work with an Apple workout as well. 

Image posting in "Manual activity"

Hello Strava, I recently found an issue where images currently selected for posting cannot be viewed in full.I feel this would be a great addition so users can check photos are correct. You could potentially allow the images added to a manual activit...