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Resolved! Alpine (downhill skiing)

 There’s an icon for Alpine skiing, but it doesn’t work.  Uphill distance in the chairlift is included (!!) so speed is completely skewed.  Also, non-sensical segments, perhaps from summer hiking or mountain biking (?) are included in stats.  The alp...

JaniceB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Best efforts

I'm sure the new feature called best efforts is helpful to many users.  However, I am a para-athlete and am unable to run.  That being the case, I have no information showing in best efforts despite the fact that I workout with my handcycle 5-6 days ...

Resolved! Personal Best Efforts

Will it be possible to do the following?Personal best efforts be displayed as follow:Personal Record - all time best effortSeason Best - Summer Winter Year bestAs you get older it is becoming more and more difficult to get PB's.... Will be very nice ...

CJP by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Segments based on equipment

New to the forum, apologies if this has been asked and addressed already. As a cyclist there are lots of segments around and they're a great goal to aim for. However with cycling would it be possible for segments to be separated, so those on MTB, Gra...

CZ by Mt. Kenya
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Creating routes with segments

When creating long routes 300+ km not all segments are shown. I understand the reason for this due to the huge amount of segments. But would be great if the stared segments are prioritized. Otherwise they will not be loaded as part of the route to my...

NADH by Shkhara
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Resolved! Segment time incorrect when displayed in age group

Hey, Gang: I’m 75, and train seriously. Yesterday and today I pr’d on several local segments. The main page indicated that I had a pr for several segments and the times for the segments were correct, BUT my age group (75+) shows an older time (a few ...

Lyon3 by Mt. Kenya
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