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Understanding AVG Pace

Recently been reviewing my avg pace stats on runs and am trying to understand why often my runs may show a pace of say 3:35m/km while the avg pace will show 7:22m/km. I have tried this several times and with others who did the same runs as me but the...

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 7.39.47 AM.png Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 7.42.46 AM.png

Resolved! Hide segments from map view?

When I try to view a route, the app is showing segments on the map.  There are so many segments that the route isn’t even visible.  Is there a way to hide segments on the route map?  

Segment Popularity Threshold

1. Given that segments populate the map based on the number of users who have "starred" it, what is the threshold value in order for a segment to show up?2. Also, why is this not based on the number of activities recorded along the segment over X num...

New route builder seems even worse than previous version

I started up the app today and was greeted by a routes interface that is somehow even worse than the previous version.It preserves aspect of the route builder that I disliked the most: it seems to simply use other people's routes to suggest one for y...

UN by Mt. Kenya
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my segments are not showing up in the results table. there is enough time for the top 10. the segment showed up in activity but not in the table. What to do?

Resolved! delete impossible times in segments leaderboards

I frequently see KOM or fastest times for segments for running at speeds at which it is impossible to run, (above 25km/hr or whatever). Can't there be an algorithm applied to the segments placings which deletes these impossible times? You can't run 5...