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Resolved! Segments

my segments are not showing up in the results table. there is enough time for the top 10. the segment showed up in activity but not in the table. What to do?

Resolved! delete impossible times in segments leaderboards

I frequently see KOM or fastest times for segments for running at speeds at which it is impossible to run, (above 25km/hr or whatever). Can't there be an algorithm applied to the segments placings which deletes these impossible times? You can't run 5...

Resolved! Segment pace vs run pace

Just wondering why my run pace was 6:55 yet the route/segments of the run all had paces above this? Have attached some photos for reference. More curious than anything.     

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Resolved! Refresh my results tool DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK!!!

I think I have a problem with one segment where I tried hard today to hit my PR and I did it. The sträva live segment on my wahoo Elemnt shows I did it 16:07 minutes but when I did upload the activity on Strava, it show 19:22 minutes. I already tried...

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Resolved! Something's wrong with snowboard activities

Hi everybody,I think there's a mistake with "snowboard" activities. If you record an activity of this type, the only segments in the report page are climbs. If you want to see slopes' times (so, time for descents) you have to change your activity in ...

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Resolved! 5K pb not showing

Hi,  I am devastated, pushed myself to get a PB. Strava hasn’t given me anything for it? I didn’t pause I ran through 5k to make sure I went over? My Apple watch is showing a pb In achievements at 5k 22:30 but strava is showing nothing?   

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Resolved! Alpine (downhill skiing)

 There’s an icon for Alpine skiing, but it doesn’t work.  Uphill distance in the chairlift is included (!!) so speed is completely skewed.  Also, non-sensical segments, perhaps from summer hiking or mountain biking (?) are included in stats.  The alp...

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Resolved! Live Segments

HelloSomeone can help me?i want to hace live segments on my Garming 1040 but i do not know hot to do it, i already have strava premium