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Resolved! Show resting or stops on a ride (activity)

I am interested in analysing my stops post ride. I would like to see where I rested on an activity (this affects your efficiency percentage on long rides such as Audaxes, i.e. ride time vs rest time) This can be where the stop was more than 1 minute...

dkc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Alpine (downhill skiing)

 There’s an icon for Alpine skiing, but it doesn’t work.  Uphill distance in the chairlift is included (!!) so speed is completely skewed.  Also, non-sensical segments, perhaps from summer hiking or mountain biking (?) are included in stats.  The alp...

JaniceB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Best efforts

I'm sure the new feature called best efforts is helpful to many users.  However, I am a para-athlete and am unable to run.  That being the case, I have no information showing in best efforts despite the fact that I workout with my handcycle 5-6 days ...

Resolved! Personal Best Efforts

Will it be possible to do the following?Personal best efforts be displayed as follow:Personal Record - all time best effortSeason Best - Summer Winter Year bestAs you get older it is becoming more and more difficult to get PB's.... Will be very nice ...

CJP by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Group Challenges User Interface

Hi, in the recent past (Winter 2022) group challenges would show the individual contributions of participants working together towards a goal. That was highly encouraging to members because it showed the work they put in to the collective goal.Now fo...

Resolved! How to see all time stats for other sports, such as walk

I started using Strava in the summer of 2010 when the Whister Granfondo came to town and I had to buy a bike and start training. No Garmin, HRM, or power meter to start. Much more raw (and sometimes more enjoyable )One feature that Strava took away t...

Rixter by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Split Screen

Hi. Rather than toggling back-and-forth between the map screen and the statistic screen, I would like to have a split screen with the map on top and the stats below. Unfortunately, that only happens when I pause my ride. As soon as I get going the en...

Henryc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to compare previous year's stats with current?

Hi - Is there a way to view previous year's stats to compare with current? So for example, I might want to compare my rides over the last few years to see how many miles or climbing etc, that I've done in each year to monitor how I'm doing this year....

AMoss by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Lap Times Incorrect

My lap times seem to include time when I have my ride on "pause".  I do not think it should do this. Maybe this is an artifact of the way my Garmin works and not Strava calculations. I do not know.