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Resolved! Reordering profile main activities

Unsure why the default sport selected (running) isn’t the main graph displayed on my profile and is instead something done secondary (weight training). is there an option to customize what is displayed on initial viewing? thanks 

Resolved! Uploading a route from Komoot

I have recently uploaded route that I have recorded on Komoot onto Strava, which works fine, but the total km ridden on the Komoot ride is not adde to my weekly total. Do I need to do anything else?

Resolved! Pace & distance not tracking during activity

  my distance and pace for some reason isn’t being tracked during the activity. However, when I save the activity leading it to post the run, it then shows the distance I ran and pace I was running at (rest of data). Can someone please help me why my...

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Resolved! annual statistics by activity type

The training calendar gives the distance travelled for each year. Is there any way you can work out your annual statistics just for one activity type, such as running?

u003f by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! FIX - Yearly Elevation Goal

I'm going for a total elevation gained goal for 2024 - across all human powered sports (hike, run, walk, trail run, ride, backcountry ski). This should be covered by the Yearly Elevation Goal on the app, but mine looks wildly off. I think it's includ...

eluke by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Cycling best efforts

I've recently noticed that in addition to segment PRs I've had a third fastest over 50 km medal. Frustratingly, there appears to be nowhere to check best efforts over time/distance for cycling although there is one for running. I assume the data is t...

GaiusS by Shkhara
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Rename "fitness" to "recent training load"

Your Strava fitness number has nothing to do with fitness. It goes up when you overtrain and down when you taper for a marathon. Strava should rename it to what it really is: "recent training load."

Rogier by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Moving Time Error

I recorded a hike on my Garmin Etrex with an elapsed time of 4:12:51 and moving time of 3:54:26. When it loaded to Strava the elapsed time showed as 4:12:46 which is fine but the moving time came up as 00:00:59 giving a pace of 11s/mile. A new world ...

alif18 by Mt. Kenya
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