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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be really useful to enable the ability for your users to edit an activity they have completed.  Stats that could be added would include time, distance, elevation gain, heart rate, calories etc.

Sometimes we forget to start an activity but when we remember to add it we have to let it run for the whole duration so it records the time spent on that activity. For example today I did pilates, I forgot to start the activity, so I added it later but I only let it run for 6 seconds rather than the 45 mins thinking I could stop the activity, have it uploaded to my time line and simply edit the duration to 45 min. Sadly this does not seem possible. I'm sure other users would like to be able to amend their session so it can be adjusted to reflect time, distance and duration for other activities. So hopefully this makes sense and other users will find this feature equally useful. Thank you. 

Mt. Kenya

Add a "Missing Miles" field to activities where users could manually *add* any distance, time,  and/or elevation to any activity that they forgot to record a portion of. For some of my runs, I accidentally forget to record a small amount. If I want to add that back into my log, I have to add a whole activity. But simply being able to add something like 0.3 mi, 2:30 min:sec, and 50 feet to an activity that I accidentally had my watch stopped for would be a nice little feature. The added distance/time/elevation would show up in the totals for the activity and the weekly/yearly/lifetime totals for the user, but it wouldn't go to count for any course records or personal records.

Mt. Kenya

Love this idea!

Mt. Kenya

This should be a no brainer! I don't want a garmin entry and then a manual entry for the same workout. I use gyms when travelling and it would be great to be able to simply add the distance to the workout with my HR data after it uploads from Garmin Connect.

Mt. Kenya

I would really like to have the ability to edit running distance as well as the "moving time". My Xiaomi Smart Band Pro isn't accurate and, comparing to the treadmill, I lose a lot of distance which isn't good if you're trying to go for exactly 5K or 10K. Today, instead of 82 minutes, it recorded 200+.