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Status: Gathering Kudos

So I keep running into a GREAT problem and I wanted to see if it was something anyone may already be working on. 

In Summit County, CO (and countless other areas) trail-building and re-routing has become a fairly BIG business. This is AMAZING for our environment but has at least one major drawback in coordination with STRAVA's platform. Currently you can make all the new segments you would like, but if a historical run is 'close' enough to the new trails path, it counts.

I propose an option when adding/creating new segments to select a 'reroute'. This would then essentially allow the creator to add a 'start date' or 'trail completion date' to limit the leaderboards from searching and finding historical data from before the update to the trail was complete. i.e. Hattie's Trail (Frisco, CO) reroute was just finished. The reroute allows the trail to be ridden both up and down, rather than almost entirely down. Almost 1/2 a mile of trail was added via switchbacks and flow. Obviously old statistics from the 'straighter' trail will be much different than those from the reroute. 

Just a thought.. hope its helpful!


It would be nice to "retire" a segment that is no longer possible to complete but still be able to view the segment/leaderboard. Use cases include a segment that goes over a bridge, but the bridge is torn down and a new one is built. Another example is a trail that has to be re-routed due to environmental reasons. 

Mt. Kenya



Would clean things up a bit.

Mt. Kenya

As a mountain-biker I've come to wonder: does it make sense to hoard records from 5+ years ago when most trail change a lot thorough the years?

In my opinion it doesn't and old records become unbeatable.

I suggest for the default leaderboards for trails to be set to efforts from the last 2-3 years. The current leaderboard that contains old records too can be a premium feature.

Another, more advanced option would be to add some smart features/AI to determine if old records make a leaderboard stale based on recent records.

Mt. Kenya

Mountain bike trails change constantly.  Mother Nature changes terrain with heavy rains, snow, rockslides, erosion, etc.  Park Rangers and Trail Crews change routes, move rocks, close sections, add sections, move sections, etc.  The same trail that had a KOM ten years ago is not the same trail that exists today.  The Leaderboard should only go back a few years (3 years?) to account for the fact that trails change dramatically over time.  


Segments are shared between common rides, gravel and MTB, so it would be impossible to know which segments should be affected. And not every trail changes that much and if so then more between the seasons as between the years.

I disagree. Most MTB trails dont change and those that have... too bad. Fix the trail or ride faster. 

A lot of the trails near me have been made easier due to the covid kooks that have recently gotten involved in the sport so id say its the opposite. 

Just be happy with the yearly record, we all see it. 



A simple fix to this is to create a new segment. Essentially its a completely new trail so name it 'Hatties 2.0' or 'hatties new' or something. This way we would get to keep the historical old trail efforts of Hatties as well as the new. Further to this if u didnt want to keep seeing the original Hatties pop up every time u ride it you can just hide it and it wont come up again for you. 

Personally i like seeing old records from the past. especially from people that are no longer with us or pros that have visited town.