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Status: Gathering Kudos

In Timeline settings (where we can choose to sort by time or by algorithm), I also want a way to filter challenge-related content from my timeline. At this point there are a ton happening every month and since I don‘t participate in challenges at all, there should be an easy way to just filter them out of the timeline. I don’t want to know which ones are available for the month and I don’t want to see how anyone else is doing on them or who joined what challenge. 

I recommend a pop-up with Show All, Show Only Participating Challenges, Hide All as the filtering options.


Mt. Kenya

Why can't I give this comment/request/suggestion a thumbs up?? The thumb button is "greyed" out. I might also add...what's with these badges?? I got a badge for answering the comment and two when I signed up with a username. Ridiculous! I'm not 8 years old! Please allow the ability to hide challenges in the feed and now also badges.

Mt. Kenya

i reckon about half the comments in previous forum were asking for the ability to filter what we see so we can remove challenges and Zwift rides and only have real rides!!



Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


@airegin When an idea is in the "New Idea" status, it needs to be reviewed before it can be voted on. Once it's been approved, it will move on to the "Gathering Kudos" status, where kudos are enabled. You can read more about how this works in our Guide to Feature Suggestions.

Badges are a part of the gamification aspect of this Community, you can disable notifications related to them in your notification settings under Subscriptions & Notifications. Thanks for your feedback.

Mt. Kenya

@Soren Thank you for the tip. I did notice that a short while ago when I checked in to see your message, I was able to give that message a thumbs up.


As for badges, I didn't notice them until I logged in the community hub yesterday. All of a sudden I was notified that I had 3 badges. I really don't care for badges or more clutter and am here searching for the seemingly impossible: The turning off of challenges in my feed.

Thank you for your message 🙂


I agree with this and would really love a way to remove the "so-and-so has joined a challenge" updates on my feed as well. 

Near the end of the month and beginning of the next month, my feed gets completely taken over with by these updates because of all the monthly challenges, and it's a pain to have to scroll through them, when all I really want to see is my friends' activities.

Mt. Kenya

Ill_Jimador, don’t bother asking… so many people have asked for this multiple times, it is clear that Strava doesn’t want to implement this (for some reason). I am so fed up with this and many other aspects, I have voted with my wallet and finished my subscription.

Mt. Kenya

With this latest round of challenges clogging up my feed, I think I’m with you, Galen. Strava exists for one end purpose and that is to make money. As you are doing,  I will end up taking mine elsewhere. Perhaps an old-fashioned notebook and pen will do the trick. 

Mt. Kenya

@airegin @I’ll use the free Strava until that frustrates me as well!

Mt. Kenya

Could you add an option to turn off notifying our followers every time we join a challenge? I’ve stopped joining challenges because I feel obnoxious cluttering up my follower’s activity feeds with a notification that I joined a challenge

Mt. Kenya

For Premium Members the option to mute challenges could (please) be an option as Strava is already getting direct monetization from the subscriber.

Pico de Orizaba

In App feed 'friends joined challenges' messages consumes lot of spaces in the user interface, looking forward minimalistic design of same. Or it may be clubbed together and linked to native challanges landing page.

Mt. Kenya

Yes Cyresh, having just one post per day saying friends have joined challenges, and you then click on that for details would make it a lot better.

You can see what your friends have joined if you want tio, but it doesn't clutter up your activity feed.

The same goes for your friends joining clubs.