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Status: New Idea

Here's the specific issue that I'm dealing with: 

  • I'm a member of the Tracksmith running club.
  • Within "Club Settings" on the mobile app I've turned off all push notifications [1].
  • I've also turned off all new club event related notifications within the general settings page [2].
  • Despite [1] & [2], I consistently still receive "New Event" push notifications in Strava [3].
    • As far as I can tell, there are no other locations on the Strava mobile or desktop clients where settings related to this feature can be toggled.

The issue here is that I have no way of turning off "New Event" notifications from clubs other than leaving the club. These events are non-actionable to me as I don't live in Boston, MA where the clubs events are hosted. However, I'd like to stay a part of the club because I like having their content in my Strava feed, since they're a globally recognized running brand.

The details I've laid out here are specific to me, but the issue also applies to any other Strava user that is a part of a large club that frequently creates events that are non-actionable to them (i.e. because of locale, or simply because user isn't interested) & they don't want noisy notifications. 


[1] IMG_0208.jpeg

[2] IMG_0209.jpeg

[3] IMG_0211.jpeg