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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would be great if we could have free flying airsports like paragliding and hang gliding.


Mt. Kenya


Thanks for the tip. 
I went to your link and don’t see altitude stats but I uploaded to Strava this time using SeeYou Navigator instead of directly from my Garmin watch and it worked. Now I have altitude in the stats. 
flight from yesterday. 
altitude gain 25,000’

Strava. By now you can just copy the hiking format and name it Free flight and an icon of a paraglider. You will see how many members will be added to your community. 
Downside is that when uploading from an external app we don’t get the workout statistics the smart watches provide. 


Thanks @Tavo .

At least now I know that Strava would store the altitude fine if I upload it.

How is the battery life with SeeYou? Would it have a watch companion? I use it mainly to record my sailing and don't need the display while I record so the watch is a great way for me to achieve that without draining my phone's battery.

One thing I really like with Strava on my watch is that it's very good with battery life on the watch, and it's easier to start/stop it while sailing and flying without having to pull out the phone or keep the phone in a reachable location.

Mt. Kenya

Me and my friends really like the segment functionality in Strava. We fly a certain segment with out paragliders and enjoy the leaderboard etc.

Only problem is that we have to choose Mountainbiking as the sport instead of our Sport. Paragliding. Please just add paragliding and make us happy.


Mt. Kenya


SeeYou navigator is an iphone/android app. Battery life is descent. +6 hours in an Iphone 15 no problem and that is with the screen at full brightness since I use it for navigation and stats (speed to fly, L/D to Goal, Wind direction, Altitude etc.)

No watch companion so I found that SeeYou navigator is the only app that will send correct altitude to Strava, See you is specifically for free flight. When I record using my Garmin Forerunner then the altitude matches or is very close to the terrain altitude (thinking I am hiking or mountain biking or Kitesurfing where the altitude above ground is minimal (I'll call minimal under 300' from the surface so those epic kitesurfers who send it high don't think I am minimizing their high jumps)


Mt. Kenya

I would love to have this added as well! I am currently using a ski/snowboard activity and use the elevation profile from my GPS to get is kind of working.