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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be great to have a Stats Report capability in Strava  allowing the user to define report arguments. For example, the capability to report the total distance for a given period of time and activity type. The same for all stats and activities types.

It is important so we can notice the amount of effort we did for a certain period of time, based on activity types and stats. For example: total elevation on a cycling trip to Mallorca. Total calories in a Tour. Total distance in the last 10 days. Etc.


Mt. Kenya

So many users, like me, are obsessed with tracking our power. It would be great is we could sort and filter our entire history against the recorded power data…. Among other things. Like I’m really into data, so having the ability to find rides of various lengths, times, elevation, etc is super interesting to me. Garmin’s Connect site does this and it’s amazing. They even let you output a full spreadsheet of your data that you can use however you want.