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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos


Strava has always traditionally been focused on Cyclists, but more and more features are coming out for additional sports. I would like Strava to better support Multi sport, in both activities and athletes stats/data.

I would love to see is being able to unify/upload multiple activities that were related to each other e.g. a Triathlon. The user experience is always quite clunky, and its hard to view as a single effort/activity when looking at past activities.

Ideally this would be a single activity with different sections per sport and includes transition period. 

This would greatly improve the experience to both the user and their followers. For example the user will be able to differentiate between a 10k run and a 10k run they did at the end of a triathlon. It gives much more context into the athletes effort and doesn't treat single sport activities the same as multi sport

It will benefit their followers as it will reduce the amount of activities displayed on the feed (e.g. if they do lots of swim/run/swim/run/swim/run training). 

Look forward to hearing from you


@Johan6504 from a garmin manual. Garmin does allow you to create a multisport activity where it is swim run swim session, including separate transition times. Reading your post it sounds like your recording a single activity and not a multisport activity meaning while your are doing the event every time you press the lap button it changes to the next activity, at the end of the event each of those sports will be upload as separate activities. have a look at how to do it

Strava is 3rd party data, meaning that data is created on your watch(garmin) then upload to garmin.connect then shared to Strava & any other 3rd party. all the information is created by the actual device(watch) so you need to program it rather than give it a simple name.




Mt. Kenya

This may be quite specific to multi-sport athletes, but often when I do a workout consisting of different sports (swim then bike then run, for example), I have to make three separate strava posts, despite it being a single workout. It feels bloated to post about a single workout that way. It would be great to have a feature to make one post that includes multiple activities. Because most watches track different sports as individual workouts, it probably makes most sense to make this multi-sport post a container of some sort, that you can include multiple workouts inside of.

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

@ShangusBurger exactly. This doesn't need to be over complicated. Keep everything largely the same under the hood but just allow the combining of activities in the feed to show combined headline stats and map as one activity post.

Mt. Kenya

Essential for Swimruns, where you may have many, many transitions and sometimes short runs and swims in between. I do not want to spam friends and followers with many activities for one competition or training. It is also not easy for them to make out what I am doing if the multiple parts can not be combined into one activity. I tried at least for training sessions to track everything as Run or delete some of the activities from Strava afterwards, but it is not at all a good way, messes up data and is not satisfying. Garmin combines Triathlon and Swinrun etc. activities. It would be nice if Strava would follow. Thanks

Mt. Kenya

Would he really useful and a better all round UX if we could merge multiple activities that were done in the same session.

For Example

  • I run to the gym
  • workout in the gym
  • run back from the gym

each activity is uploaded as a different workout and clutters the feed. Would be nice if you could merge multiple activities into one multi sport activity.

Mt. Kenya

@Jane one of the top voted ideas with hundreds of kudos, many separate ideas that have been merged into this, 80 comments, and a super common-sense idea. It’s about time this gets actioned, surely? Tri season is coming up.

Mt. Kenya

Do what garmin does. Support garmin multisport. group a  bunch of events as one. Right now I have like 5 runs and 4 swims but they should be 1 activity. Likewise for triathlons. 



Mt. Kenya

Triathlon or Multisport as grouped activity please. It's so annoying. (Indeed)


How is this feature not implemented yet? It's been gathering kudos for 2 years, with hundreds of Likes. This function should be the foundation of what Strava is as a brand. It just blows my mind that we're paying Premium features without some basic functions for triathlons...

Mt. Kenya

@MathieuT444 I share your scepticism. I really don't understand why they allocate resources to develop a chating function (what's the **bleep**? Where a chating system makes a difference? I have dozen of app for chatting!) and deny any interest for multisport activities... It's like they want to be a competitor of a mix of Instagram and Tinder. I really don't understand the logic.

Mt. Kenya

lol. Dating/hooking up with fellow athletes could be a viable revenue opportunity for Strava, but let's make that a separate request 😅

Mt. Kenya

this would be cool also to group multiple days bikepacking trips into one list

Mt. Kenya

So a load of new features got announced yesterday. Cutting edge ideas such as dark mode… and super useful features like AI that literally no one will use or care about.

Yet still no activity grouping for serious athletes even when it’s one of the most requested features. Wtf is strava doing. No doubt there’s a price increase on the way to pay for all this new silly vanityware. I’ll be first of thousands out of the door when it happens.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, agree. Although I like the dark mode option. But that is expected on all app these days. Not responding to the whish for a way to handle multisport is just ignorant