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Strava has always traditionally been focused on Cyclists, but more and more features are coming out for additional sports. I would like Strava to better support Multi sport, in both activities and athletes stats/data.

I would love to see is being able to unify/upload multiple activities that were related to each other e.g. a Triathlon. The user experience is always quite clunky, and its hard to view as a single effort/activity when looking at past activities.

Ideally this would be a single activity with different sections per sport and includes transition period. 

This would greatly improve the experience to both the user and their followers. For example the user will be able to differentiate between a 10k run and a 10k run they did at the end of a triathlon. It gives much more context into the athletes effort and doesn't treat single sport activities the same as multi sport

It will benefit their followers as it will reduce the amount of activities displayed on the feed (e.g. if they do lots of swim/run/swim/run/swim/run training). 

Look forward to hearing from you

Mt. Kenya

I do a lot of triathlon stuff and I can’t record it well as it separates the swim, bike and run and transition into separate work outs. 

Mt. Kenya

Hey all,

I noticed that when I do a multi-sport workout on my apple watch it doesn't upload all my segments into Strava.  It would be so cool if it posted all 2 or 3 segments in one post that way multi-sport athletes don't have to do separate workout types for one race or training session.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing and would think this would be a cool feature?


@Jane @Soren Any update on this on any Roadmap.......this has been requested/discussed for years and years and years.


Mt. Kenya

I’m surprised that this ideas had already been submitted, but nothing seem been done all those years 😳🤷🏼‍♂️

Hurry up and your community is waiting!!

Mt. Kenya

Come on - why is this not a thing!?  A function to simply group activities, would not only be massively useful for a range of multi-sport events but could be great when on say an activity holiday (eg. Group your ski holiday activities together). 

Mt. Kenya

It would be great to have a single activity recording shown on one map, but divided into sports. For example, I run to the water (new sport) I swim across the river (new sport) I run up the other side. Currently I split into multiple activities, and they aren’t obviously related to each other, even though there was no pause between them. 

Mt. Kenya

True.  I’ve always recorded my tri’s as seperate activities in my watch,  because the upload is so generic, it doesn’t help me compare across other tris I’ve done.  This is despite the fact that my watches all have a specific triathlon mode which includes transitions.  
it would be great if Strava could communicate with garmin/Suunto/polar etc to standardize the uploads and layouts.

Mt. Kenya

This feature would work by allowing users to tag their activities with a specific identifier, such as #TrainingCamp2023 or #BostonMarathon. These tags could then be used to filter activities in the user's feed, allowing for easy grouping and analysis.


1. Improved Analysis: Grouping activities under specific tags will provide users with a clearer picture of their performance over the course of an event or training period.

2. Easier Sharing: Users will be able to easily share all the activities from a specific event or period with others, simply by sharing the unique tag.

I believe this feature will resonate with many of your users, particularly those who engage in multi-day events or training camps.

Mt. Kenya

Training for a huge SwimRun and my Garmin records this as one single activity; I’ve set Garmin to sync automatically to Zwift… where 5+ separate activities show up on my feed. And I’m not about to waste time trying to group them all manually or erase them or whatever. If Garmin can do it, Strava can. It’s not just annoying (my friends get bombarded with tons of my activities or sometimes may see just a random stage 3). It also seems like cheating (Strava counts them all as separate activities and it looks like I completed more activities than others at year’s end). 

Mt. Kenya

Yeh, I think that would be a great feature. I’ve just done 9 days back-to-back cycling and would really like to group the rides and see the totals as well as individual data. 

Mt. Kenya

have triathlon as an activity and allow import of data for each individual event

Mt. Kenya

This would be a great additional feature and will help to separate events from training when searching for activities in your feed. 

Mt. Kenya

'Swimrun' is an increasingly popular sport, and consists of multiple legs of both swimming and running. At the current rate of rise in popularity, it is forecast to become a major event over the next few years. Although hundreds of swimrun events take place across the globe, the official organisation and world championship is called Ötillö

A community petition has already gathered over 850 signatures requesting this functionality from strava:

As with triathlon, when a Strava user records a multi-sport activity, it is uploaded to Strava as a separate activity per activity leg. This is particularly problematic with swimrun, as a single session can consist of >10 runs + >10 swims. No one wants this on their activity feed, and it also devalues the effort that has been put in by the user.

A simple solution is to automatically or retrospectively group the multiple activities into one grouped activity, which would show a summary of each activity type at the feed level. Garmin has already done this and it works great. I really think Strava is pushing away serious athletes (the ones that always pay for premium) by not implementing support for multi-sport activities. 


Agree, this would be great for an upcoming multi-day hut-to-hut hike. 

Ideal marketing case: displaying a single athlete's entire Tour de France, all stages on one map, mileage, time, and elevation aggregated into single figures.