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Status: Gathering Kudos

Outdoor elliptical cycling stats are bundled with regular cycling stats because there is no separate activity for elliptical cycling. This leads most of us elliptical cyclists to log our rides are regular cycle rides, however riding an elliptical bicycle is extremely different to riding a regular cycle, and so stats can be wildly different.

For those of us who ride both elliptical and regular bikes, it causes us to either need to have two Strava accounts, or to only ever log one and not the other.

There are 49 clubs related to elliptical cycling on Strava:

There are 1,689 members of this elliptical cycling club:

A side-effect of the above is it is really difficult to participate in leader boards of these clubs and utilize Strava fully for all my bicycle types.
Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Mt. Kenya

I wholeheartedly agree. I also know it’s challenging for those who ride stand up bicycles and seated bicycles to keep their data separate, most end up with duplicate accounts.

Mt. Kenya

I would very much like this capability. There are already many different types of bike options allowed and this would be one more. 
I don’t see how to vote though. Thanks. 


@dhco Vote by clicking the little thumb up button that is at the bottom of the post above. It looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 5.37.49 PM.png

Mt. Kenya
  • I agree!
Mt. Kenya

This is long overdue. 


Please look at this idea, as it could accomplish this without adding more activities (and leave thoughts and comments on the idea).  My concern with the number of "add 'x' activity" is that it will start to make it hard to find the activity you want to select... we need a better way of accommodating all kinds of activities.

Mt. Kenya

this also get my vote - would love to be able to record my eliptigo rides distinct from cycling - I'd pay subscription for that!

Mt. Kenya

I absolutely agree.  This should definitely be a category in Strava.  I've been bothered by this for years.  It's an easy fix for Strava.  And a necessary one as ElliptiGo's are becoming much more common!

Mt. Kenya

I just finished a stand up bike ride with a buddy who rides the traditional road bike.  He’s a stronger cyclist than me but on the stand up bike, I’m a stronger rider than he is. My point is that the two disciplines are quite different.  Stand up bikes need their own separate Strava category.  Thank you for your consideration! 

Mt. Kenya

I suggested it years ago to Strava, but never heard anything back. Good thing you are bringing it up again!


I would also like an Elliptigo activity and gear option! I use it as a low impact replacement for easy runs and would like to be able to track the mileage I put on it with Strava. I generally use a 2 Elliptigo miles = 1 running mile conversion and it would be great for that to be included in weekly run mileage

Mt. Kenya

This would be very helpful to differentiate between by Elliptigo rides and my seated bike rides

Mt. Kenya

Suggest adding Stand Up Bike

Mt. Kenya

I absolutely agree, we need 'Stand Up Bike' as a new Sport Type on Strava.  If you also agree, please find the correct button to give your vote. Strava uses these votes to prioritize new tasks/features:

1. Scroll to the top of this page,

2. Click the hand-icon, on the left side