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Status: Gathering Kudos

In the world we are a lot of orienteers that want to label our activities like an orienteering race or training, different from the simple runs. Please, create a new category for orienteering.


Mt. Kenya

As a hobby racer in this sport(s) - Yes, please add IT!
But as mentioned in other comments - even though it's mainly about RUNNING, it also includes MTBO and even more kinds of official orienteering sport types.

TIP: To be able to filter orienteering activities in Statshunters I use special char "◪" in the name of activity.
NOTE: Developers of Strava - don't be lazy and surprise me - I have been waiting for some kind of Multisport activity for more then 5 years (original idea is not accessible anymore)

Mt. Kenya

Yes please! Orienteering runs are always a slightly slower pace given your map reading at the same time so it always knocks off your pace improvements with normal runs