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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please consider adding an ability to edit comments. It is somehow fairly common for me to type a fairly long comment with some details and send it, and then immediately realize there are some typos. Also, there is something in the app UI which makes it prone to send the comment prematurely before I finished typing it. I am not sure what it is but that happens regularly (just happened today again). When that happens the only option is to delete the bad comment and start over. There isn't even a way to copy the comment text (at least not in the app). Please consider improving that. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree that it is crazy that you can neither edit nor delete* comments. At a minimum, there should be a window (20 minutes?) in which unlimited edits can be made.

With tiny print on a small screen, the ability to edit a comment is paramount. Comments on a Strava activity are immortalized forever (or at least indefinitely), unlike ephemeral text messages in which typos are less of an issue.

The lack of an editing feature makes me a lot less likely to make comments in the first place.

*ETA: I did finally figure out how to delete a comment on the web version, but not in the app. At least we can edit comments here! 😊

Mt. Kenya

Fido before Edits?
I just received a text from my son who wanted to share the news about fi/Strava. My wife and I, and son and daughter-in-law are dog owners and lovers. We frequently take walks with our companions and record those walks (our walks) on Strava.

I'm generally on board with most Strava development priorities but seeing this new feature (and dedicated hardware/collar) rolled out before addressing something so fundamental as editing a comment, tells me that Strava dev teams are not paying attention to their users and paying customers.

As a former software development manager, I know how the dev process works and I know it takes a lot of resources and dev cycles to roll out something like the fi/Strava product to customers. To be fair, I imagine Strava has multiple dev teams that work on different aspects of the app. So, the fact that fi/Strava was released doesn't necessarily mean it was rolled out at the expense of all other software improvements.

However, to me, this is a perfect example of efforts put toward continuous and relentless monetization of an app, much to the detriment of the app's loyal users. Are you seriously telling me that you made a priority ranking decision to put doggy data on Strava before you'd empower more users to make and edit comments?

I suppose you may believe you've reached an app stickiness factor that makes you invulnerable to competitors or to user defections. Is it possible that you've reached a level of market penetration that gives you the almighty sense of being a monopoly? It sure feels that way.

If so, what a shame to see such a wonderful, performance-inspiring, social meeting place be so thoroughly influenced by the tug of greed. You literally prioritized my dog's data over my desire to comment in support of my other human friends and followers on Strava.

Mt. Kenya

God **bleep** it, 2 years and this is still not accepted... I guess people don't care much about "mundane" stuff like these. But this is such an easy option to implement, needed, and used almost everywhere across apps, I don't see the point to actually gathering Kudos for it to be implemented...