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Status: Gathering Kudos

It should be able to select which activities will sync from 3rd party apps. For example if one is riding on Zwift, and still uses a Garmin device to record the activity for other than Strava reasons, after the ride, both Zwift and Garmin Connect are currently synching and one has to ALWAYS delete Garmin activity manually. I bet that not all want to sync all activities from connected apps. In this case i'd turn off Garmin Connect sync for Indoor Cycling.

Thank you

Mt. Kenya

Ditto. Please sort this out. Just switched over from Apple Watch which does allow this. Gotta be honest not impressed with garmin but need the longer battery life. Sort it out 

Mt. Kenya

I just want to be able to select which types of activities get automatically uploaded. I track all of my walks, runs and bike rides, yoga sessions and workouts and I really only want to use Strava for runs and bike rides.

Mt. Kenya

I concur. I want to be able to post runs and rides to Strava, but don’t think friends care to see my walks, yoga, and meditating activities, which I also record through Garmin for my own metrics. 

Mt. Kenya

Same here. I only want my rides (road/mtb/gravel) and runs to be sync, not all the other activities like gym and casual walks etc. 

Mt. Kenya

I just joined this community so I could add kudos to this post. Please consider adding this functionality.

Mt. Kenya

@Xenofrog Same Here 😄 please implement this