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Mt. Kenya
Status: New Idea

On mobile, when you navigate to 'You' at the bottom, and the default 'Progress' tab, the first thing displayed is a chart, 'this week' that has your total time/distance for the week listed by activity type, 'Ride', 'Swim', 'Weight Training', etc. Whether it displays time or distance depends on the activity type. 'Ride' and 'Swim' show distance, 'Weight Training' shows time. 

It would be great if you could add a 'total' button here, that was time based, so you could see your overall time for the week, compared with previous weeks, and then easily drill down by activity type. 

This is useful when you are doing multiple activities and the volume might vary week to week, seeing overall time is a good addition to other total metrics such as relative effort, etc.