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User Story
As a Strava User (maybe Subscriber?) that enjoys trying out different training criteria
And has just finished an activity
I want the ability to specify my own tags (e.g. 20-tooth, baby-seat, red-socks)
So that I can report on activities with my specified tags and further personalize my training experience

Save/Edit Activity with User Tags (20-tooth and baby-seat, etc):


Filter My Activities by User Tag(s): 





This is an excellent idea, especially if combined with the ability to filter by tag in the My Activities page. For example, I would love to be able to tag any activity associated with a particular training build (runs, yoga, strength work, etc) with the race target of that build (say "CIM 2024"). Then later I could pull up any activity that I had tagged as part of that training program.

I believe it would also address the issue of stroller runs ( If I could just tag "stroller" with any run (or bike!) and filter in My Activities, that solves that need as well.

Mt. Kenya

I'm all for it. Mine main beef with Strava is it's way too focus on professional athletes and competitive sports. I miss the general population and friends specific tags.

Then again, Strava didn't add simple tags for two years so I don't think they care about their community as much as they claim.

Mt. Kenya

Like others, I too was sent here by Support when I requested that they add additional Type of Ride tags to fit common bicycle rides that don't really match the limited currently available categories. I requested Errand, and Recreation/Leisure - both of which I see that another commenter also requested (years ago!) for runs.

So, how about it, Strava, support your community by giving us the tags we need instead of acting like training/racing is the only use that matters?


@jdarrow001 yeah, I can't believe all the different small but to me significant features that have accumulated on my wishlist over the years... And here I am, still paying for my subscription while Strava (seems to) ignore (seemingly) basic quality of life fixes. 😑


@Ewald   Agreed. I already cancelled my renewal. I don’t use most of the paid features that supposedly add value, and the ones I do use are either available elsewhere or not really necessary. 

in my mind the one thing truly missing from a device companion app like Garmin Connect or Polar Flow is the ability to do customizable analysis on the raw data. I don’t want YOUR analysis of my data Strava. I want a dashboard and front end to do my own, for my own goals and purposes, which may have nothing to do with trying to run faster and go pro.

Custom user defined tags and the ability to export a My Activities search on tags as a csv or xls would be essential first steps to providing actual value for money, from my view. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please add this feature!

Mt. Kenya

When we classify a run on strava, we only have 3 options: “Training”, “Race” or “Long Run”.

My suggestion is that there should be more options such as: Fartlek, Interval Training, Progressive Training, Rhythm Training, Running Training, among all the other possible types of training.

It would be better if we could define the types of training ourselves, then each person would have the option of better adapting to their training method.

It would also be interesting if this data could be filtered for viewing in Training Control.

Mt. Kenya

It’s boggled me why there aren’t more run types - fun run, intervals, track workout, fartlek, tempo, etc. either expand the types or as this post suggests, let users define their own tags.