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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be great to be able to log "wing-foil" as an activity.

Features and metrics would be very similar to kitesurf or windsurf, but with a growing numbre of people "winging" about, I'm sure it would be of great use.




Mt. Kenya

Wingfoil, windfoil, and kitefoil make total sense, but efoil?  You gonna measure caloric use in days/weeks? 🤣

Mt. Kenya

Please add wingfoil as activity.  

Mt. Kenya

Yes please add wing foiling or I might as well drop my paid Strava subscription.  I foil more than I mountain bike anymore.  

Mt. Kenya

I would use this...

Mt. Kenya

It is an exhibition sport in the 2024 Olympics... full event status expected in 2028. 

Fastest growing water sport for 4 yrs now.

Mt. Kenya

I second this! @strava @stravamh please make this happen, as well as downwind foil and prone foil while we’re at it…

Mt. Kenya

Please add wing foil as an activity.

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava - How many hardcore Strava users have to go out of their way, search for wingfoil, find this post, and ask to be added - before its added?

On any given day, you will find 5x people wingfoiling in the Bay Area than kiting or windsurfing combined.

I was one of those back in 2000 who joined the "Windsurfing has been cancelled" kitesurfing crew. I want to update my subscription to "Those of us who used to kite but have less cartilage in our knees and our lower vertebrae discs may be bulging due to 1000s  of miles of endurance training and we are looking to get back into wind sports and boosting big air isn't practical anymore but wingfoiling is perfect" club...

Mt. Kenya

Add Equestrian / horse riding is under consideration with 176. Wing foiling at 198...

Mt. Kenya

Wing foiling is larger than Kite Boarding and wind surfing combined. @strava team just go down to crissy field any day and check it out.  Garmin supports it.

Mt. Kenya

+1 for adding wingfoiling. It is a huge sport in NZ, with a fast growing community - would love to see a category added!

Mt. Kenya

Cmon Strava get with the program. People have been requesting Wingfoil (and other foil disciplines) for years now. Aren’t you a tech company? This should not take this long. Ooooph