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Status: Gathering Kudos

An option to turn on AI generated splits for running workouts should exist.

Workouts can be complex and generated splits often don’t correlate.  Individuals could enter a description of their workout and AI (if turned on) would break down segments using this text.

For example, if I type: “800m, 400m rest, 200m, 200m rest, 4 minute tempo, repeat two more times” I want my splits to follow this, not grouping of 400 meters or 1600 meters.

Mount Logan

I guess you mean splits, not segments?


I don’t know about the exact implementation, but breaking down these drills in some way would be very helpful. Sometimes I look at public profiles, and I’ll see a sprint workout that shows a 9:30/mi pace. But an average is completely meaningless, when the workout was a combination of 1-minute sprints at a 5:00 pace, followed by some period of walking or very light jogging. It would be nise to have that kind of information immediately obvious, to show the amount of effort that was actually put in.


I think OpenAI could do this, you could feed it many different formats and receive the same results, be it splits or segments.  Something meaningful as Zecanard points out.

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