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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

I saw a previous suggestion about allowing people to use different units of measurement for running and cycling so this is along the same lines.

growing up in the UK where there is a weird hybrid of both the imperial and metric systems, this would be very useful if you could get strava to show different sports in different units of measurement.

for example, I have always measured my runs in miles so understand mile pacing and prefer to view people's runs in min/miles, but as I have it set to imperial it also puts my swims in imperial (yards) which I have no idea how fast yard pacing is🤣 so would prefer to be able to view the swims in metres. I think the previous post about cycling said the same in that they would like to view their cycles in kilometres and runs in miles.

this would be really useful and a great feature if added, thanks!


Status changed to: Archived

Hi @samtempest thanks for creating a new idea for this suggestion. I've gone ahead and modified the other idea you referenced and broadened it to cover your point about swimming also requiring different units of measurement, therefore we will be archiving this one. This way votes for the idea don't get split up and it helps keep things tidy in the Ideas Board. We appreciate your contribution and are always interested in hearing other thoughts and ideas.

Mt. Kenya

This is a fantastic idea and very easy to implement. There will be many thousands of users who would appreciate this feature. Please make it happen Strava!

Mt. Kenya

+1!  As an open-water swimmer, I need both swimming and running in miles, and biking in Kilometers!  I hope you can do that.  At least get swimming in miles.