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Status: Gathering Kudos

Strava leaderboards for Queen of the Mountain & King of the Mountain are stale, and many of them hold absolutely untouchable records made by unusual participants in events. (a good example is a pro peloton riding through the local hillclimb with a favorable tailwind — no amateur will ever be in the top-10 again.)

My request is an all-time leaderboard, and to make KOM/QOM awards annual. You were the fastest this year? Perfect! Your name is the one that will appear as KOM on the segment. As an added benefit, there could be an additional section of the Trophy Case for winning QOM/KOM trophies for a year.

This would freshen up leaderboards on many of the world's most important and major segments, making them more accessible and reigniting competition each year, rather than relegating the leaderboards to yesteryear or having to filter to find the "This Year" results (which just isn't as exciting).

Mt. Kenya

Could we have in addition to segment "PR" a segment "APR". An annual PR, i.e. fastest time of this segment this year!

This would give more opportunities to identify and be rewarded for recent beats, even if we can't beat our all time beats of previous years.


One possible solution would be to only keep K/QoMs and CRs from the previous calendar year. This solves a number of issues:

  1. Adopts the concept of a seasonal leaderboard, keeping results fresh, encouraging more athletes to compete, and expiring old records that may have been achieved when the terrain looked completely different or under exceptional circumstances.
  2. Doesn’t lead to records disappearing mid-season, as would happen with a rolling window. The records are set for the entire calendar year.
  3. Avoids January spam, since records would still be spread across the entirety of the previous year. In fact, some records may still not be beaten the entire season. Strava could further recognize anyone who maintains an unbeaten record through two seasons with a historical K/QoM/CR.

Of course the all-time/historical leaderboard would persist, but you’d have to click-through to view it. The main one we would compete against would be the seasonal leaderboard. Or it could be configured similar to the current Default Leaderboard View setting.

Either way, every platform with a competitive ladder has some form of seasonal reset to maintain user engagement and competition, so Strava needs to follow suit. I’m sure something similar could be done for PRs as well as monthly Challenges too. The possibilities are endless. You only need to look at the recency bias of Local Legends to see how keeping records fresh can make competition more fun and engaging.


I support something like this, but it may get merged with this existing Idea.


I'm with Jan_Mantau, a world record is a world record until someone breaks that record. This should also apply to Strava segments. Anyone can create their own segments anywhere in the world, even where there are no pro athletes competing. Resetting segments just because others aren't able to perform well goes against the idea of leaderboards, then you just have to invest more time in your training if you want to get a KOM/QOM.

Mt. Kenya

I'm not for this, I'd rather break a 10 year old record (happened last week actually) and feel good about destroying it. My suggestion, try harder cause records are made to be broken.


Make it a rolling year: every day the effort is pegged against the last 365 days. That way it encompasses all seasons etc. for the last year.

For the current KOM this motivates them to keep working as opposed to rest on their laurels, and for upcoming competitors gives them a chance.

Also will be a more realistic reflection of changing trail conditions for MTB segments. There are KOMs that were set when the trail was new and buff that are impossible to ever achieve now as the trail has evolved or been rerouted.