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I'm looking for a way to have these statistics included with my runs on strava.

I use strava to record my running and view statistics which is great.

First I started using the strava Apple Watch app but it didn't include these extra statistics. I know for example Garmin watches can sync these data to strava running activities, but don't want to buy a new watch and wondered if this is also possible with my Apple Watch. I found out that the workout app on iOS 16.1 and Apple Watch 9.1 includes this data, but not all data is synced to strava .

Is this already on the roadmap or hopefully a good idea to add :)?

Kind regards



UPDATE FROM STRAVA (March 18, 2024)

Hello and thank you to everyone who has added their comments and feedback to this topic.

First, we want to say that we appreciate you all reaching out on this matter and sharing your thoughts. We absolutely understand the value of having as much of your activity data on Strava as possible, and how many of our athletes use an Apple Watch to record that data. We do want to let you know that we are committed to improving both the Strava Watch app experience and the integration we have with the Apple Workout app (Healthkit). 

Our team is pushing forward to streamline and improve the user experience with the Strava watch app, making recording and syncing activities easier for athletes. We are also investigating how best to bring over more data from Healthkit to Strava, particularly with the releases of watchOS 9 and watchOS 10. 

We will continue to work towards these goals and monitor this thread. Please be on the lookout for improvements to the Apple Watch experience in the coming year. 


Unclear why this is not an automatic thing. Running power shows up from Garmin, COROS, Polar on Strava iOS app.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

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Please also import cadence!

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Definitely interested in this capability 

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All the power curve documentation talks about rides. Please support power for running (from Apple and Stryd)

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Mind-boggling that you can’t upload more data to Strava from Apple Watch! It’s insane! I’ve been paying for premium since 2012 and considering to just stop paying until strava treats Apple Watches the same way as they do with Garmin and others.


If there is additional data that can be uploaded from my Apple Watch to provide more insight into training performance/progress then please consider working that into a future update.


For those wanting to sync these into Strava, just do a workout using the Workouts App on your Apple Watch, and then use the app HealthFit on your phone to sync to Strava. It will include at least cadence. But yes it would be great to include more!

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it's frustrating that apple watch users are second class users on Strava. Cadence has been available for over 2 years and yet still not implement - I am a premium subscriber, and starting to question the benefits... 

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@bmb823 I also use it this way, I hope it will be available soon

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Please use the accelerometer to record stroke rate for rowing and cadence for running

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Hi Jane

I use Strava on an iPhone (annd anpple watch) Other apps use the phone’s built in accelerometer but not Strava.  

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@Bryant  I don't know why this is being categorized as an 'idea'. Most 'Ideas' posts are new features that could make the site better, at least for some people, and a community vote is appropriate. This suggestion is not a new feature, it is a missing feature for paying customers who are using the most sold watch in the world. Strava should treat it as a bug, not a feature request.

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Just another comment to lend my voice to the calls for this to be implemented. We know the data is already there, would be mega if it could automatically be brought into strava.