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I'm looking for a way to have these statistics included with my runs on strava.

I use strava to record my running and view statistics which is great.

First I started using the strava Apple Watch app but it didn't include these extra statistics. I know for example Garmin watches can sync these data to strava running activities, but don't want to buy a new watch and wondered if this is also possible with my Apple Watch. I found out that the workout app on iOS 16.1 and Apple Watch 9.1 includes this data, but not all data is synced to strava .

Is this already on the roadmap or hopefully a good idea to add :)?

Kind regards


Mt. Kenya

@Bryant  I don't know why this is being categorized as an 'idea'. Most 'Ideas' posts are new features that could make the site better, at least for some people, and a community vote is appropriate. This suggestion is not a new feature, it is a missing feature for paying customers who are using the most sold watch in the world. Strava should treat it as a bug, not a feature request.

Mt. Kenya

Just another comment to lend my voice to the calls for this to be implemented. We know the data is already there, would be mega if it could automatically be brought into strava. 


Come on, strava! We’re waiting 

Mt. Kenya

Please please add this simple feature for Apple Watch users. Frustrating to have just been autocharged for another year and this key metric (cadence) is missing.

Mt. Kenya

Would someone from Strava be able to comment here on what’s technically involved to make this happen? It doesn’t feel like a big ask and I’d feel a lot less aggrieved about it if there turned out to be some legit technical barrier. 

I’m something of a software person myself 🙄 so I know what it’s like to read “helpful” comments from users but would really value a cycle of feedback instead of feeling like this forum is where you funnel everyone so they can shout at the wind together. 

Mt. Kenya

All of this!! I try to run at a specific cadence to avoid injury per my PT’s recommendations and this feature would be so helpful! Right now I’m using a separate app that’s probably being deprecated soon.

Please please please add this feature 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Hi @Jane,

Are there any updates on this topic?

I agree with what has been said on the topic already and I also don't think this should be treated as a "new idea" in your spring plannings but rather as a "critical bug" with high priority given that a big portion of your users cannot use vital features of your product. I am also a premium user for years already and cannot wrap my head around the fact that this does not work.

In addition to fixing the import stats functionality for Apple WatchOS, you would also need to make it easy for Apple Watch users to add these statistics to their past runs that have been affected by this bug.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


agree with you, @sstefanov94 . This must be treated as a bug. most runners care about cadence. Since cadence is not being synced from Apple health it has to be either 1) lack of competence on Strava’s side or 2) something technical that makes it impossible to implement.

I really doubt that #2 is the reason as Strava seems to show cadence for all other devices.

I’ve been paying since 2012, but considering a move to some other platform if Strava doesn’t fix this.


Moderator Moderator


Thanks to everyone who has added their vote and thoughts on this topic. We don't have an update to share at this time, however please know that your feedback has been reviewed and we will provide updates as they become available.  

Each one of you has valuable feedback on how to improve Strava. We love hearing from you and will do what we can to surface hot topics and trends to our product teams.  Thanks again for your contributions.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Not familiar with the data being on the Apple Watch? But I would like it from the Stryd! 🙂

Mt. Kenya

It actually does work from Stryd (but not Apple watch) despite the documentation not mentioning it.

Mt. Kenya

+1 on this - I used I've switched from Garmin to Apple and it was nice seeing the workout breakdown showing all my splits per interval instead of rolling them up to the km like it does now.

Mt. Kenya

Super kudos! I would also love to see more statistics being imported.

In addition to this request I also found issues while using Apple Watch workout app and syncing it to Strava afterwards.

If I create a custom run with intervals and add pace announcements for the splits, when I export the workout to Strava the segments are defined by. the pace announcements and not by the distance splits.

To illustrate the issue, In the image bellow I should see the following workout:

2k Warm up

4x800m (90” rest)
8x400 (60” rest)

2k Cooldown



To summarise, every time I went off the prescribed pace I received an announcement. That announcement is then visually represented in the chart instead of the defined intervals.

Happy to give more clarifications if needed 😉

All the best, Pedro


Mt. Kenya

Any progress on this bug?

Mt. Kenya

Any chance of getting this fixed? I have used Strava with an apple watch for years. And just started to care about my running cadence. I find that the apple watch does record it. But Strava just doesn't pick it up specifically from an apple watch. But it does from other devices.  And you can get the data into Strava by using a different app during the run. What gives? Why no fix? - solution seems to be: don't use Strava?