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Status: Gathering Kudos

If Strava is going to insist on counting walks as runs in the various challenges, please at least apply the same auto-flagging standards to walk activities that are applied to runs.  As it is, walks do not have any auto-flagging applied to them.  Now that they are being counted as runs in the running challenge leaderboards, the "walks" that are actually rides in vehicles, airplanes, or whatever are flooding the leaderboards faster than users can flag them.  

Ideally, walks would not be included in the running challenge leaderboards (they should have their own separate challenges like they used to), but if Strava is going to insist on combining them, they need to apply the same standards to help clean up the leaderboards.  The auto-flagging isn't very good to start with (misses way too many clearly fake runs or rides), but at least it is something.  Maybe apply a standard that any walk that has a pace faster than the world record 5k running time is automatically flagged by the system.  That would at least be a good starting point.

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