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While segments in other activities such as running or road biking stay the same year to year, mountain bike trails can change drastically over time. Things like re routes or natural erosion can make a trail far more technical than it was say 2 or 3 years ago. There are many trails that have top ten all time results from years ago when a trail ran much faster and less technical than its current state. This leaves a lot if segments completely out of reach. I suggest you award trophies and crowns the same way real racing does (year by year). A person could still show their crown in their trophy case from whatever year they earned it, but giving everyone a chance once the new year rolls around to gun for the top not only keeps things exciting, but keeps people motivated to continuously improve on their local tracks. You give the top ten from the previous year a chance to defend their title and see how many years they can stay on top. This would eliminate "dead segments" that have times from 2015 when a trail was a fresh bench cut dirt sidewalk compared to its current rock strewn rain rutted foot out state.

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Thanks for submitting your idea to award MTB segment achievements by year. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. I'd like to point out that for the time being, all ride-type segments, except for E-bike, currently share the same leaderboards, so there currently isn't a way to filter between MTB, Gravel or Road on the leaderboards (which would be a pre-requisite to implement your idea).

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That makes sense. I guess the question then would be: Would this change to the other riding types effect them negatively or would they benefit as well. I do think the inevitable byproduct of the change no matter the ride type would be keeping riders on the platform and excited to maintain or improve year after year. When theres new titles up for grabs every 12 months, it breeds motivation to stay on board.


@Former Member- Just for historical reference, Strava did implement something similar to this a number of years ago. They implemented a KOM/QOM trophy for the best time on each segment for that specific year. While the idea had some interest for added excitement, in practice it was widely disliked. Early in the year, just about every ride was littered with tons of extra trophies that just ended up being more "noise" in the feed than added drive. There is already a way to sort by this year in the leaderboards for those who want to see that statistic, although that doesn't show previous years.

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