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Status: Gathering Kudos

Why aren't the segments of MTB and eMTB not the same? it's easy, just create 2 different rankings for each existing segment, one for MTB and one for eMTB. me and my friends who switched to eMTB, we realized that there are very few segments marked for eMTB, less than 10% compared to those for MTB. 


Would like to expand the idea beyond eMTB - same situation for other bikes as well. 

My thoughts already in another idea comment, but imho it fits here as well, so I repost slightly modified.

Electric assist is becoming more and more popular and common in any type of bicycles. And the types of bicycles also are manifold. Three-wheelers, cargos, velomobile, tandem, four-wheelers/Podbike, etc. 

I know groups of race-bikers mixed assisted/non-assisted riding out together.

Myself riding an electric assisted Velomobile (assist limit 25 km/h) several days a week 40km one-way commuting to work. Rare like a unicorn in my area... 🦄😉  How and with whom shall I compare when all these types are separated and kept apart? Creating segments nobody except me ever rides?

Suggest strava expands all lists of KOMs, Leaderboards etc. by a category column or filter option. This way all can ride as cycles on the same segments - assisted or not, aerodynamic or not - and compare as desired, taking into account the specifics and differences.

Mt. Kenya

Please add existing ride segments to the E-bike map. This would prevent the need to recreate segments that already exist.

Mt. Kenya

I too am in favor of removing specific e-bike segments in favor of adding a separate leaderboard category just like we have for men/women/age/weight/club/me.  For MTB, the times are directly comparable in quite a few of the existing segments (DH for instance) between eMTB and classic MTB.  I would like to be able to directly see them in at least my own results leaderboard.

Mt. Kenya

I agree and to an extent why not open the segments to trail runners considering Trail Parks cater for both Cycling and Running!

Mt. Kenya

Good afternoon, I suggest that the existing segments and all those created for bicycles are also available in the new e-bike category. The classifications are individually separated.

Mt. Kenya

The idea to use existing Strava segments and categorize them as eMTB makes so much sense @Jane I really do not want to sit at a computer duplicating some legendary segments 

Mt. Kenya

I suggest replicating the bike segments on the e-bike typology. Unfortunately the user has to create them again just for changing the bike type.

It's impossible to do, there are many years of work ti do that.


Mt. Kenya

I completely agree with that. By the way, I opened a ticket at Strava Support about this topic and the answer I got was a link where I landed on this thread and I'm supporting the idea too. There's no point in having segments divided by category MTB and e-MTB. They are all the same: they are bikes! It's been 1 year since the idea was posted and it seems no one cares though. What's going on? 

Mt. Kenya



I suggest DIY leaderboards designed so that individuals can filter in or out, different categories of rides at will.

For example, I might choose a leaderboard that allows both standard road bike results and E-bike rides, whereas others could choose to exclude E-bikes [or road bikes].

Everybody gets what they want and we don't have the problem of "re-inventing the wheel" with having to create a whole lot of new Strava E segments.

I've created quite a few E segments where I live as there were none when I started but they're still quite thin on the ground and there are very few riders using them, at the same time as there are a significant number of E bike riders on the road locally.


This shouldn’t even need a topic collecting kudos here as it’s selfevident to have one segment for bicycles.

So what’s the plan Strava? We collect kudos and one day it will be available?

Mt. Kenya

Why can strava not include my emtb rides in my total distance?

There were posts since 2022 saying strava were fixing this, but they have not.

Also why cant emtb use the same segments but on a differrnt leaderboard? It is such a waste of time having to recreste new segments just for mtb. I thought strava was trying to encourage people to exercise but i feel like my 60km 100m climb rides mean nothing as strava doesnt count them. At least give users the option?

Mt. Kenya

Still nothing so far.

There's no excuse to Strava not duplicate the segments for ebikes... 2024 people, lots of bikes there…

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree.

The same is for "Ride"/"E-Bike Ride". Over the many years of using Strava, I’ve created more than 1000 segments that are also a reference for many cyclists in my area. Now the bike is different, but the roads are exactly the same! I find it absurd and frustrating that Strava separates the segments between “Ride” and “E-Bike Ride” and does not simply separate the rankings. It’s unthinkable that I should have to recreate the 1000+ segments, also taking care to choose the same start and end points, just because the bike is of a different type and Strava doesn’t allow me to reuse them.

Besides, I'm not able to compare my times made with the two bicycles on the same segment.

I’ve encountered the same problem for walking activities. I’m forced to classify all my activities as “Run,” just because if I classify them as “Walk” or “Hike” (as they actually would be), all the segments I’ve created for “Run” (and there are quite a few of those too) are not considered for the activity. The road traveled is the same, the means used is the same, my feet, only the classification changes which is purely arbitrary.