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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please create activity type "Physical Therapy"!   Athletes get injured, need surgery (total joint replacements, fracture fixation, ligament/tendon repairs etc) and have to undergo sometimes prolonged painful periods of focussed physical therapy before they can return to their normal activities of choice. Logging time in PT can help athletes stay motivated and legitimize that difficult effort.  It also indirectly lets their followers know they haven't disappeared off the face of the earth when they aren't logging their normal activities.  thx


I do love this idea - I tag such activities in my private log but it'd be great to have it in Strava!

Gowtham (G)
Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Your idea to add Physical Therapy as a Sport Type has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. Thanks for your contribution!


Please add a Flexibility and Recovery Session activity. Then you could incorporate that other app you developing on recovery. 

Mount Logan

Hi Strava team,

I think adding Recovery as an activity type will be a great addition to Strava. 

This is important because:

  • Strava is my workout journal
  • Strava acquired the Recover Athletics
  • I use the Sauna, Ice Bath, and Foam Roll post-training for recovery
  • I currently use "Yoga" as my recovery activity type instead of "Recovery"
  • A big benefit of this feature is that it will help athletes see what pros use for recovery and further expand the opportunity for partnerships

An example of when I needed this feature was today. I completed my run and went to the sauna at the gym. It would be cool if I could mark this as Sauna and also record the temperature with my watch or add it in later manually. I think recovery is a huge component of training.

Thank you Strava! 

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I think this is a terrible idea unless there is a way to keep this kind of activity from showing up in the feed. My feed is already full of dog walks and countless virtual activities that I don't want to see. The last thing in the world anyone else wants to see is how long someone sat in a sauna. 

Mount Logan

I agree with adding this after the visibility controls are in place. 

A lot of people probably won't want to see any recovery, but I save saunas because it's part of my workout. Saunas are good not only for recovery, but also for improving endurance without damaging knees. Have you seen the research by Dr. Rhonda Patrick on saunas for endurance athletes?

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Mt. Kenya

I’m about to have a hip arthroscopic procedure and I’d love a recovery option where I can track my progress. I won’t be running again till January so that would be a good short term goal to aim for