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Status: Gathering Kudos

At the moment it is not possible to change the visible data on the app screen during an activity.

Heartrate, duration, pace (for the hole run) and distance are displayed.

It would be greate if the pace could be change individually to ohter values.

Most important for me is the pase of the last km

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea on customizing the data that's displayed during an activity recording on your watch with Wear OS 3.5. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


I need to see the distance foremost - I plan 5k, 10k runs etc. all over, so want to see (and hear) the kilometre milestones as they're reached - as I can with the phone, but I want to leave the phone at home.


+1000 upvotes to this one.

Current state displays avg pace for an entire run. Most of my runs start with several minutes walking to warm up. This sets the starting pace at ~12:00. Then the rest of the run, I have useless pace info displayted on the watch. After I complete my warmup, and get into a running pace, the 12:00 will gradually come down, but I have no idea what my current pace is. This is frustratingly bad UX.

I would much rather see current mi/km split pace, or even settle for current speed.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed! I would love to have the option to see my current pace. I was able to do that on the old wear OS 2 app, I cannot imagine it would be very hard to do this. It makes doing interval runs or tempo runs impossible. 

Mt. Kenya

Agreed, especially with adding the current Split Average Pace option. In the Strava app on Android phones, the SAP is the default (only?) pace option for real time display. As a result, if you switch between phone and watch, you're switching the method of keeping track of your pace.

Personally, this made the watch absolutely useless for keeping pace on my last marathon. Late in a long run, every second added to the total average pace can represent a lot of time won or lost (+20s per second if you're 20 miles in, for example).

Please add the current average pace / split or mile to the watch.

Mt. Kenya

compared to almost all other fitness tracking apps on any platform this really does seem primitive. not what i would expect from a company that places itself at the top of the fitness tracking market. Poor show.

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree. For example for me heart rate and is the most important. Maybe distance as well. A good start would be to have a few watchfaces. At the moment I use my Polar watch for actual fitness tracking and my Galaxy Watch for distance, which is defintely not great