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Status: Archived

Allow setting of default activity privacy:

  • Per source:  Give us granular default privacy control per-integration. For example, all activities synced from Garmin can be public by default while I'd like activities uploaded/synced from Whoop to be private by default. 
  • Per type:  for example, "walk" type activities set to private by default as this may always start and end near home (I know privacy zones, but this is another layer). Also, often we'd like to track ALL our activity but only care about sharing one type, such as cycling.

This would be especially useful for indoor workouts and commutes. I personally don’t want to share meaningless 15-minute workouts on eg. the rowing machine; I just record those for myself.

This goes beyond Muting, by the way: if a follower visits my profile directly, I’d rather they didn’t need to scroll through dozens of my daily cardio and weightlifting exercises to get to my outdoor runs and hikes.

If you’re trying to encourage us to record every activity with Strava, give us more granular sharing controls. I’d be happy with getting back the API for it; that way I could automate it with an external tool. But right now I have to set everything to private and manually broaden the visibility on a case-by-case basis.

Status changed to: Archived

Hi @chad thank you for sharing your ideas. We have 2 existing ideas in the ideas board that are similar to what you're suggesting:

Default Privacy settings for specific activities

Default activity settings for imported activities

and as some have mentioned, there is a 3rd party service for that,

We will be archiving this suggestion to keep the forums organized, ensure that suggestions are easy to find, and prevent votes from being divided across duplicate posts. Don’t forget to show your support by clicking on the kudos button and adding comments to the threads.