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Status: Archived

When achieving a PR, add 'You are up x places' ->

Calculating: my current place on the leaderboard minus my place before the effort, if any

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea on showing your position in a leaderboard when improving a PR [on a segment]. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. I just want to point out that the leaderboards are constantly shifting, so this could potentially be quite messy.


Thanks for the reply!!
I know leaderboard always change. I thought it would be nice to present this progress up the leaderboard on the activity page.

Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hello. We wanted to let you know that your idea submission from January of 2023 will be archived. While this idea is interesting, we don’t have any immediate plans to implement this and currently aren’t able to prioritize this idea.

Please note that your feedback is valuable to Strava. As stated in our Community Idea Guidelines, we receive many idea submissions each week, and realistically, there may be various reasons that prevent us from including an idea on our Product Roadmap.  

We want to thank you for taking the time to submit your idea and we look forward to your continued contributions to the Strava Community.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team