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My partner and I like taking our dog out for a run. As both of us are Strava users, we've decided to create a Strava profile for the dog to track its activity (so we don't overtrain the poor thing!). So now each time we run with it, we add it to our activity as "someone who didn't record". This way it's also kept off segment leaderboards. However, it is sort of tedious having to log out, log into dog's profile, etc, just to accept the activity invite. Would it be possible to have a special profile type e.g. "pet" or similar, which would allow its owners to freely add the pet's involvment to activities? Kinda like child profiles on Google, where the parents can have control over it if they so choose. Or this could also be implemented as sort-of shared equipment, with individually logged activities, i.e. one could filter the activities to those, where the dog was present, and it would show-up in the activity summary etc. Additionally this same dog could be "shared" among users so that e.g. my partner and I could both log activities with the same dog.

Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hey @philstrn ,

It looks like someone has already posted an idea similar to what you have. 
To avoid duplicate ideas within our features suggestions I'm going to archive this post, however I don't want your suggestion to go unnoticed.

I recommend commenting your feedback about Dogs/Pets in Strava within this suggestion.
With your both feedback statements, I'm sure they'll gain traction within the Community.

Thank you for understanding & thanks for posting!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba

Nice idea.  My dog would join that