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Status: Existing

Enhancement Request: The ability to "insert waypoint" into existing routes in edit mode

Building routes in Strava works very well.  Even better, I follow athletes in my area for new ideas, and click "Save Route" from their activities. Another great Strava community feature.

However, when we go to edit that saved route, we are limited to:

  • only moving the exiting waypoints (including the start)
  • add-on from the end of the route
  • delete waypoints

This makes it very difficult to change the route in the middle.  Use cases include:

  • Adding-on your own favorite section in the middle of an existing route
  • More control re-directing to a preferred route path (if not sufficient existing waypoints)
  • Changing the start to a new part of town without the route builder automatically finding the shortest path to the #2 waypoint

This feature helps increase the value of following other athletes and saving routes.  It makes this social aspect of the community much more useful.

So again the feature request is:

  • Edit Route > Right-click "Insert waypoint".  BAM!

This seems like an easy enhancement.  Can you please?

Thanks Much!!!  

Mt. Kenya

Great idea!!

Status changed to: Existing

Hey there and thanks for your post. This functionality already exists within Strava. We acknowledge that it's not the best experience right now, however, I recently filed a ticket with our engineering team to improve and enhance the ability to add a waypoint to a route (by enabling a right-click insertion of a waypoint as you suggested).
I shared how to add a waypoint in a comment in this post and included a video to demonstrate how it's done. I hope this helps! Thanks again for voicing this.

Mt. Kenya

I have clicked the link above to see the comment and video, however I cannot find this content in the post that it goes to.


@Soren Thank you!   Yes, now I see that functionality exists as you described.  Wow...I've been making routes with Strava for years and never knew that existed.  I've successfully adjusted mid-route now using this method.

It would be nice to make it more intuitive for users.  Right click is well known.

Thanks again for the prompt reply.


@michaelmccarthy here's a link to the precise comment in the post:

The video is an attachment in the bottom left of the comment!

Mt. Kenya

Must have feature. It shame its not yet done

Mt. Kenya

@Soren while it's possible to add a waypoint by clicking and dragging as you show, this causes the route between the nearest waypoints to be re-calculated.

Having imported a route, I would like to add extra waypoints along the route without recalculating the route. Once I have additional waypoints, I can then drag the route around and have the route re-calculated in smaller sections.

I still believe there is a need to be able to add waypoints without recalculating the route. This is supported with Ride with GPS for example.


@paddyf we're actively working on improving waypoints, you can read more about it in this thread!

Mt. Kenya

Hurrah! That’s amazing news, thanks.