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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be great if Strava offered the opportunity to sign-up for events/races within Strava and then others could see the upcoming events that they're training for. This would benefit Strava as well, as they would presumably get a cut of entries fees as the hosting platform.

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Either under statistics or as an extra section.


  • Races
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Also a search for athletes participating in a race would be useful.

Pico de Orizaba

I am sure a lot of people would want to connect with fellow athletes to chat as well as exchange advice, impressions and excitement online and in person at the event.

Pico de Orizaba

Also athletes will be able to see the popularity of the event, find people to travel with, exchange advice, ask questions, etc.

Pico de Orizaba

At the very least in someones profile page, a section for entering "last races" and "upcoming races or goals" etc


Mt. Kenya

I'm in Central America. It seems like most small races only use Facebook to advertise their races (I assume because of costs), so as a non-FB'er, I usually find out about races too late to train/sign up. It would be great if Stava could be a go-to place to link athletes with athletic events, no matter how small. Perhaps a tab where athletes can search races by type and distance, for example, and make it free for race directors to post their races. 


@schaja @villis @NickRunBikeMN @Yari @Edwin  lots of great ideas here. Further developing events on strava would be excellent.

Additional ideas:

1.) events could live within the “groups” tab. Combine the related “active” and “challenges” tabs so that it’s challenges/events/clubs up top. So many options here for discovering events: location, friends, trending etc. Could be a place to have major event news/recaps/features as well.

2.) partner integration with bikereg/runreg could be pretty cool. Would be really great if strava could scrape event data to populate events pages within strava.  

3.) when recording an activity type as “race” it would be cool if the race you’re signed up for would auto-populate and the user would have the option to tag their race as said race/event. Maybe there could be another option of tagging an activity as training for said event. Could help with event discovery and hype.

4.) This is a little more out there, but what the **bleep**… I know a lot of us use events as motivation so, somehow integrating an event into the progress tab could be interesting. Maybe strava could help a user determine the “fitness” number they’re hoping to achieve prior to a race. This fitness number could be broken down over time and live within “goals”. Also, races are plotted on the monthly fitness graph, what if these race goal points could be plotted out into the future. Would leverage stravas existing training tools to help users stay motivated, train safely and be prepared to do their best on race day.



Mt. Kenya

Why is Strava not THE industry standard for race finding and registration?!

Every runner I know has a Strava account.  What better way for race directors to connect with runners than an app and UI they’re all familiar with rather than these ad hoc and horrible race specific websites and aggregators??

Every runner I know spends hours trying to delve out details about prospective races on these horribly managed and unstructured websites.  What better way to find races than using your community (in app race rating and reviews?), standard sliders/filters, and most importantly:  last year’s actual GPS files from the specific race to help estimate actual distances, elevation, course markings (especially helpful for ultras)??  All of those annoying questions and boarding information items I have to enter for every race could be pre-filled from my Strava profile!

What better way for Strava to deepen its user engagement and revenue opportunities than taking a slice of registration fees and being THE place for RDs to send runners to register for their event?

A simple little “Races” tab at the bottom of the mobile app.

What am I missing?

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Hello @Rgny9955 

Thanks for your post about this!  We had similar suggestion already submitted on our Ideas Board, so I've moved your post here.

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


I think this is a great suggestion.

Subscriber Profile > List of upcoming and previous races > Races with hyperlink to race website and date > If completed, then show the applicable stats next to the event.

Subscriber feed > Shows when others have registered for a race (similar to challenges)

Training > Strava uses activity to help formulate race goal > Can indicate if user is on track 

Race > Has it's own filtered feed of who people who participated in it > Possibly allows subscriber to allow "flyby" feature for that activity only. 

Mt. Kenya

Would love to have a Strava race hub feature that could create a website based on a simple template for races, manage sign up and payments, and be used day of race day to track athletes, send updates, etc. Strava could monetize by charging race organizers 2-5% of the race admission fee + annual fee for using the platform.