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Status: Gathering Kudos

The additional activities that STRAVA has added has significantly outpaced the options for gear.  Regardless of activity type, the only gear types that can be added to your profile are shoes and bicycles; while shoes are likely being worn for something like skateboarding, or rowing, that's not the primary equipment for that sport.

Gear types I'd like to see (at a minimum):

- board (skate, snow, paddle, surf, kite)

- rower (indoor, canoe, kayak, crew)

- skate (roller, inline, ice)

- Other (elliptical, stair-stepper, skis)

Mt. Kenya

Just wanted to +1 this for Kayaks. I think if they wanted to test the feature to just let people enter the name of the Kayaks brand and the specific Kayak model and the length if they don't want to maintain an exhaustive list. 

Mt. Kenya

Yeah your never going to be able to maintain lists of all kit ever made (it’s logistically impossible) , but I’d love to be able to do something as simple as typing in my paddle and choose vessel (kayak, canoe, SUP) this would be cool as I could see individual mileages.


@Ewan yeah there are way too many permutations of fitness equipment (even when it comes to types of running shoes), but the idea was to just have some sort of basic accountability, even if it's typing in the type of equipment.  I was fortunate enough to speak with a STRAVA rep about the community hub as a whole and was assured that they do in fact read all the inputs, but are limited in resources for coding changes.  So fingers crossed that this idea makes the cut one day!

Mt. Kenya

I do Nordic walking and would like to be able to note if and which poles I use on my walks. I was excited to see an option to add 'gear', but disappointed to see that this is limited to shoes and bikes.

Trail runners and hikers also use poles and it is helpful to track how they impact your performance.

Mt. Kenya

Would be nice to have the option for enabling distance on any activity, as well as shoes/gear.

for example: if I’m recording a pickleball game, I select walking or running so my outdoor distance is captured. Then after the mileage is recorded, I change the activity to pickleball. At that stage I don’t have the option to select the shoes I was using. 

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to track different boats in water activities and/or boards/kites/wings in appropriate activities (like surfing/kiting/etc)