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Under segments compare there's the choice to see times and ranks against a filter of age, followers and the like and there's a today filter which is really useful for seeing how you and your buddies did on a section, however, it would be HUGELY useful if there was a filter by date option even if you could select a specific date going only back a few days. Ideally we could be able to select an unlimited date range for eg. The weekend of *>*


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager

I strongly agree with this.  Segments are frequently used for enduro style competitions as well as others where they give people a certain day to complete the segment(s).  The way it is now, the results have to be found and tabulated before midnight of that same day or else they are lost without a ton of extra work digging through each and every activity file from every participant.  If you could at least look at "yesterday", or better yet any specific date, then it would be much more useful and save a lot of hassle.