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Mt. Kenya
Status: New Idea

Road cyclists may want to avoid bicycle paths when traveling around public roads; yet still follow popular roads for cyclists. This is because:

  • bicycle paths may enter dark, damp, and unsafe areas (especially when dark). E.g. my last ride took me through a dark forest/path at night which had no lighting, was damp/wet (compared to the road) and had wild dogs running around.
  • bicycle paths may be clogged with other pedestrians of have many slow bends/turns
  • bicycle paths may require moving much slower for the conditions of the path, rather than smoother / faster nearby roads

The feature request is therefore to still have the "Follow most popular" option for Route creation, but also have an option to avoid bicycle paths (perhaps as multi-choice toggle in the "surface type" options).

I acknowledge that it's possible to manually locate and re-adjust a route, but this is tedious and error prone for long routes.