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Hey 2Keysmatt,

First off, thank you for joining our community and posting your feedback on this idea. As mentioned above, we think your feedback would be much more valuable in our features section here and here

Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

YES!!  I wish we could filter the Timeline by activity type...  I would, for example, filter by "outdoor rides only" or something like that...  Scrolling thru Golf, Yoga, Weights, etc. is a pain!

Mt. Kenya

Really not interested in seeing the 2-4 km people walk/run/bike to and from work. Possible to add a feature to automatically add “commute” to activities that is repeated ever morning/afternoon and an option to mute commutes or repeated activities?

Mt. Kenya

A big YES to this feature.

I'm into trail running and there are local athletes I follow who post some fantastic trails that I can then use on my own Strava.  The problem is, I also get all of their cycle commutes, training runs, walks they do with family, virtual sessions and everything else.   I'm only interested in the trails...

If there was some sort of filter to limit views to chosen activity types that would be immense.  It would stop me muting users throughout the week or if they are on holiday and then forgetting to unmute a couple of weeks later.

To expand on this further, a selection of type of activity and then even a "distance over XX km" or "altitude gain over XXm" would also be amazing.

Pico de Orizaba

Thought I’d a unique idea, but there are several similar, including this one. 
I like the idea of muting the activities that I record but don’t want to clutter timelines with, or get kudos for; it was a little dog walk for goodness sake and didn’t know this was there.

Also like the idea of filtering timeline but might feel bad about it. I’d rather I had the easy option to say “you don’t have to look at this but it’s on my profile if you really care how far my dog walk was” 😂

Mt. Kenya

It blows me away that Strava has not created this feature yet.  it is an easy fix that would allow a better Strava experience.  The ability to filter the home feed is long overdue.  I do not want to see everyones dog walks, golfing, yoga, etc... Then you have the guy that does each swim drill as a separate activity or the guy who runs 25 quarters on the track and does each one as a separate activity.  If I mute them then I will miss their great accomplishment BQing at the Chicago Marathon, or completing Ironman Wisconsin. If I mention that I don't like seeing certain activities I will offend them, thus creating drama. The current set up on Strava's home feed takes too long for me to give kudos to the activities that I believe deserve it; and using the favorites function does little to eliminate it. Thus, I really do not give Kudos often any longer, because I do not have the time to scroll through the feed that long.  And when I do scroll through the feed, I do it so hastily trying to give Kudos when it is appropriate that I miss some create opportunities to dialog with friends about their great accomplishments.  Personally, I would like to filter it to only display:

1. Runs faster than 10 minute pace if under 10 miles

2. Runs over a mile

3. Bikes over 10 miles and over 10 miles per hour

4. Swims over 500m


Mt. Kenya

Man I'd also love to see a change on this topic.  I can appreciate that Zwift is probably a Strava sponsor something but SOOO MUCH ZWIFT, PELETON, etc.  Omg this great training no doubt but it does not need to be in my feed.  

Also, "sleep scores" and "day strain"....WTF this isn't even an activity, it's just data tracking posting to our feeds?  Like I care how you slept last night.....