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Problem = I follow lots of people now, so get loads and loads of activities in my activity feed. I want to be able to filter this feed to see the good stuff.

Suggested solution = Allow the user to filter what they see. For example:

Display Preferences->Activity Feed Filters
Sports: [Running] (multi select)
Type of run: [Any] (multi select)
Min distance: [4km]

I'd then be able to scroll through and give kudos to some quality activities and ignore the walks, the bike rides, the 2k warm up runs, the 2k warm down runs, the kayaking, the game of golf, the morning yoga sesh etc... etc... 

Love Strava by the way - keep up the good work team 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Please allow me to filter what I see on my Activity Feed by allowing me to sort by activity type. I am interested in my friends cycling activities and little else. 


Mt. Kenya


I'd also like filters on activity types, distance and time.

Eric and Aerialdan said a lot of good stuff.

My main pain points are short dog walks and popping out to the shop or lunchtime sort of everyday walks clogging my feed. Even breathing exercises, super short strength training etc activities. I do them too, but don't even bother to record.

I get bored scrolling through these and miss great activities and the chance to support those athletes.

Walking is good, but not interested in daily commutes. Proper hikes are different.



It would be nice to filter the import to certain activity types.For instance my walks are transferred to Strava and there I delete them.It would be much easier to exclude them from import.It is probably requested earlier, but I could not find it.


Many times on Strava, I will see an user with the following activities:

  • 5 min pre-run stretch (10:00 am)
  • 10 min warm up (10:07 am)
  • 30 min 5k race run (10:30 am)
  • 5 min cool down run (11:01 am)
  • 5 min cool down stretch (11:06 am)

It would be nice to group all of these activities under one post. This can be done by associating every activity starting/ending within a time preference to be automatically grouped together. For the above example, all of the workouts that started or ended within an hour of each other should be grouped.

From the user's perspective, all of these activities are essential to a good workout. The user doesn't want to combine these activities into one major workout as it will skew the data. It also doesn't seem feasible to hide or make private the supplemental activities from the timeline to appear less spammy.

From the follower's perspective, the activities come off spammy. Sometimes, I miss the main activity of the users (example the 5k race) while navigating through a bunch of warm up and stretches. It would be nice to give one kudos that would apply to the group of activities instead of having to give multiple kudos for essentially one event.

Thank you for your consideration. 🙂


Please vote on and add your comment to this existing Idea.

Mt. Kenya

Yes!! I just came here to suggest this when I saw your post. I would like to add that this would be very nice for triathletes who do multiple activities within the same continuous effort. Individual posts can be displayed in a carousel and total distance traveled + total time can be displayed on the group post. With the ability to still click into each individual activity via the carousel.

Mt. Kenya

I favor this feature. I Googled to find out whether it was possible to filter my activity feed and got this link. I would like to be able to just look at rides, because that is what I use Strava for. To keep track of all my activities, I use another app (sorry Strava) that aggregates everything I do. If Strava had this filter feature, I might record everything in Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Subject: Collate same day activities of a person and access with horizontal swipe

Importance: To prevent a single user from cluttering up the activity board when they upload multiple small slices of activity. 

Details: Some people track their activities in small sections or triathletes doing bricks etc. 

Ex: Warmup, 100 meter backstroke, 500 meter breast stroke, running strides, run cooldown etc. 

 On the activity board, these uploads by one person ends up cluttering it by forcing you to swipe up to get to another person’s activity.

Solution: Collate one day uploads of a person and access them with horizontal tile swipe, like Instagram does when a user uploads multiple photos or videos. 

Result: Uncluttered activity board and people are free to upload multiple activities like they do now. 


Mt. Kenya

Lots of good ideas in this thread. To summarize:

  • a personal preference to filter the "Home" feed (i.e where other users' activity show up. You can already filter your own stuff via "Mute"..)
  • this should have ability to filter by
    • activity type(s),
      • possibly with restriction on (minimum) length and/or (minimum) duration,
      • possibly with an entry for "non-activity" ("joined a challenge" and such)
    • tags (such as "virtual" or "commute")
    • description string matches

Suggest two sets of filters, applied one after the other:

  • "include" - only activities/posts matching the filter will be shown. If missing/unset, pass all to "exclude" filter
  • "exclude" - remove filter matches. If missing/unset, show all.
  • (combining these makes sense: i.e show only "rides", duration ≥1h, but do not show "tag:commute" or "description" contains "bakery")

Would the above make everybody (mostly) happy? There will be still some non-filterable combinations, but the above should cut most crap from the feeds (and hence make them useful again), while still being easy enough to understand without a big manual..

Mt. Kenya

Much more than what I need. I would be happy to simply have the ability to filter by activity type. i.e. cycling, running, rowing, etc... But yes the suggestions above would be more than sufficient. Thanks.


I'm new to this community and I this would be my first feature request as a user: being able to better manage my feed!

- Hide all bike rides under 15k (usually commute or stuff like that that I don't care about)
- Hide all weight lifting activities, etc → things that have neither a picture or a map

Same thing for notifications, I don't want to see "Look at this recent post from..." as a notification 😒

Those product choices look like cheap growth hacks to increase engagement.
Makes (economical but not ethical) sense when you're selling ads but it makes no sense for a platform focused on selling subscriptions!!

Make it a paid feature if you want, this would increase the value proposition of Premium.

Mt. Kenya

Dear Jane (moderator),

I don't agree that these ideas should be merged. Simply, the original "Idea" was a request to be able to select the activity types that appear in an individual users activity feed, for all the reasons raised in the follow-up posts that followed. This idea seemed to gain a lot of support but as far as I'm aware has not been considered by Strava.

This recently suggested "idea" is about being able to elect which of an individuals activity types are uploaded to their Strava account. I see this as quite different to the original "idea" suggested above and as such makes it lass clear about what is being requested. I'd request respectfully that the 2 "ideas" be un-merged and can we have a status on what if anything is happening with the original idea. 

Thanks and regards,


Mt. Kenya

We're coming into Fall here in the States which means the feed is going to fill up with creepy pics of gym bodies and video game rides. What's the word Strava?


I'm with @KellyC777 

Believe they are tempting us to opt out.  They'd rather have dollars from advertising....peleton, swift, etc than long time subcribing athletes who still ride bikes outside.  Not difficult to provide what's been asked for repeatedly in this thread.  It's a choice they are making to not do it.