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Status: Existing

Implement a feature that allows users to see which of their followers/following have also completed a segment that they have completed within an activity. This way you can promote discussion and socialisation about certain segments and the route. For example, if a friend is on holiday to a certain new city (let's say Prague) and they go on a run, it would be cool to see which other friends have also been for a run around the same route they did and discussion could ensue afterwards. An alternative use is to implement this when we create a route you can see which followers have also run around there and therefore who you can ask for advice on which segments/route is best.


There is already the "I'm Following" view in the segment leaderboards. Or do you mean something else?

Status changed to: Existing

Hello, and thanks for your post @mbattye  -- this functionality effectively exists within the Segment Leaderboards when you complete a segment and filter by "I'm following". It will show you a list of your followers who have also completed the same segment as well as their best time on the effort.