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Status: Gathering Kudos

Garmin watches have a Bike Commute activity, can you please enable the Commute tag/icon when this activity is uploaded.


this activity is uploaded

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to auto-select the commute tag when an activity file is uploaded from Garmin with the Bike Commute type. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

I've been trying to get some sort of automatic update to get my commute rides to be set as a commute and muted when imported from Garmin.  I can get it to auto mute if it is marked as a commute, but I can't get the commute tag to pull over correctly from Garmin connect.  This would help me keep from clogging my feed with commutes I want to track, but don't really need to share.


You could use  where you can connect with Strava, set the start and endpoints of your commute and then it will automatically mark those rides as commutes.


Thank you for the tip @Jan_Mantau ! 
I'd still prefer natively (without 3rd party) having the tag added with the "Bike Commute".
And even the option to mute the activity based on type, aint nobody want to see my 3k commute clogging up their feeds 🙂 

Mt. Kenya

Garmin devices can segregate commuting rides category from another type (gravel, road, XC, elec...). Could be good to add this ride category to match with Garmin data. It allows as well to automatically allocate the distance to the good gear. (for example I have 2 different road bike : one for commuting and one for training/racing)

Mt. Kenya

Please add "Bike Commute" as an option for default sport in your gear.  (i.e. if you have a designated commuting bike, the strava activity should automatically show your ride as a commute with your commuting bike as the gear being used after you upload the "Bike Commute" activity from garmin).

Mt. Kenya

I would love to get that feature too, especially now with the CO2 saving feature only appearing on commute rides.

Mt. Kenya

+1 for this.

”Commute” activity type, with assignable gear, auto mute, and commute status of course 😉

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

+1 for both commute auto-selecting and selectable auto-hiding for each category

Mt. Kenya

Yes please!

Why do I need to select Bike Commute twice - once on my Garmin and then have to go into my ride in Strava?
Garmin Bike Commute info should flow through to Strava as type of ride. 

Also please add Commute as a choice in Default Sport for Bike in My Gear. Many of us have a specific commuter bike, or a commuter setup (different wheels, bags etc.).