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Status: Gathering Kudos

I am looking for Strava to add fat bike to the type of bikes when adding gear. 


Right now the only options are Road, cross, TT, mountain, and gravel. A fat bike doesn't fit into any of those categories. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Second this. Live in NE Montana, 1/4 to 1/3 of my riding year is in snow on Fat Bikes, would love to see this added as a choice and would seem a simple modification.


Mt. Kenya

Would love to see this added! In Manitoba, we spend almost just as many months fat biking as we do mountain biking. It would be great to get to track those rides separately, especially since the sports are so different.


Hi there, new guy here so hope this is not a recurring idea. 

First off I just want to say that this app is just awesome, koodos to the developper team.

So here in northern america we get snow in the winter time, and so as a mountain biker and recently started to ride fat bikes that you can use on the snow. In the summer time, I often like to compare my times on segments with others like my friends and people I look up to in this sport. I even got to make friends by looking at daily leaderboard on segments wich is rad. 

Last summer I got to be on a few segments leaderboard and was truly stoke as I am relatively new (5 years) to riding mtb. But when I looked at the leaders I was amazed to see that they've accomplished those times, but in the winter time. So that meant they weren't mtb, but fatbiking.  

Hence my idea : making segments by activity OR by date. Recently strava added a new activity/sport for mtb which you can now see maps in 3D and that is crazy good. Now could segments be filtered with this activity now, and if so could you add fatbiking as a new activity?

Are my ideas feasible? Fatbiking as gotten very popular in the last few years and I know some people here that would love this as a new activity in your app. 

Anyways I will keep using your app nevertheless! Let me know what you think.



Renaud Gagnon

Quebec City, Canada


I think you mean separate the Fat Tire Biking segment leaderboard from the Mountain Bike segment leader board since they are totally different sports with a totally different range of speeds possible on any particular segment. I completely agree. This is also the case for the combined leaderboards for watercraft sports. Paddleboards are never going to go as fast as racing shells and Nordic skiing. Classic and skate are separate in the Olympics but not on Strava.


Yes exactly! Thank you stennican for better verbalising what I was refering to (my written english is kind of rusty).

Nordic skiing is a good parallel too! I can also think of a few road biking segments I accountered when coming home by car after forgetting to turn off my strava (oops!).

Any strava developpers reading this? Please feel free to join in on the conversation 😄 


Reply: RenaudGagnon

You are welcome to use my words in your Feature Idea if you like. Also, I might suggest a more specific title to get people's attention: Separate Fat Tire Biking from Mountain Biking Leaderboard

I'm guessing the folks at Strava who decide development priorities (not typically the developers in my experience) might not prioritize this request immediately for two reasons:

1) Each separate Leaderboard with all its crown/cup tracking infrastructure takes significant computing resources.

2) Each separate Leaderboard needs a critical mass of participants in a particular geographic area to make the segment competition fun

But, it never hurts to ask


The ideal isn't mainly applied to one or a few sports, it's basically to make leaderboards somewhat coherent.

I might be mistaken but Strava premium clients have a strong interest in leaderboards as it is not accessible with the free version, and I'm sure there's a good reason for that.

I'm looking through the code on the developper site but not seeing any way to list a leaderboard of a particular segment (I'm no backend developper but I understand the basics) but there may be a way to filter out activity type (sport_type) with a query in the DB that only the guys behind the magic of Strava know of.

Can you elaborate on the "signifant computing ressources"? Any info you have can help. Competition wise I'm sure good fun can be found by only a handful of participants, if not better. I think making the leaderboards show the correct stats would just be beneficial for most everybody wouldn't you agree?

A lot of other apps share identical activity tracking and give post activity data, what make Strava stand out IMO as something to do with segments and leaderboards. So if the data displayed there isn't any good then the question I have to ask myself is why am I paying for premium, right?

Mt. Kenya

Yes, I would also like to see a Fat bike as an option for both gear type *and* activity type.  I live in Alaska, and all of my rides between November and at least early April are on a fat tire bike on snow.  This is a totally different set up than doing the same trails on my standard mountain bike. 

Mt. Kenya

Thank you for suggesting this. Strava, PLEASE do this!

Mt. Kenya

I cannot find a type Indoor Bike, I have a Concept2 bikeErg and I added this to my gear, but both type and category do not match this kind of bike. Off course the logs unloaded via the Concept2 app are ok, but I miss the possibility of the right type and category in My Gear.


Hi @wwwYnand can you confirm that you're asking for "BikeErg" to be added as a new type of bike for available gear (among the current options: Road, Gravel, Mountain, TT, and Cross)?

Mt. Kenya

Hi @Soren,

Yes that's correct BikeErg als a Gear, but also with the option "indoor cycling" added.

Is that helpful?

Best regards, Wynand 

Mt. Kenya

Winter Fat Biking - yes please!!!


Second this request!