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Status: Gathering Kudos

Right now we can make an activity 'private', 'followers only' or 'everyone'.

I'd like to see more granular permissions for the "followers" category, where we can further break that down into groups we create - and even have a group where we can add users we want to exclude.

Basically, the same way Facebook lets you decide who can see your posts, so for example, be able to do something like "All followers except those on the exclude list"


There are many reasons why someone might want to do this, perhaps they are training for something very competitive and don't want ALL their workouts shown to their followers. Or perhaps they are working out on their lunch break but it could get misunderstood that they are skipping work for a workout and don't want their work colleagues seeing those workouts, or a myriad of other reasons.

This is different from outright blocking a follower. It would only hide certain activities from those excluded or not part of the default groups you create.



Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager
Mt. Kenya

Similar to Facebook's Custom Friends Lists which then allow you to publish posts to only say your school friends but not your work friends, we need some form of sub-dividing followers.  Strava is now a place where I am connected to fellow cyclists, friends, and coworkers, and there are instances (for example when I take my lunch break to go on a quick ride) where I might not want a bike ride in the middle of the workday visible to my coworkers, but I would want it visible to friends and fellow cyclists.  Please take a look at Facebooks functionality to only choose certain custom lists or to EXCLUDE certain friend lists from a certain post.  We need the same exact thing here.

Mt. Kenya

Similar to how Instagram and Facebook allow users to select groups of people (excluding others) that can see certain posts, it would be great for Strava to add a feature where you can select who can or can't see certain activities from within your Followers group. There are cases where ppl may not want race competitors to see their latest workouts or indicators of fitness level. Or ppl might not want work colleagues seeing mid-day workouts. But we want to keep them as Followers still.

As of now the "Everyone" (on Strava), "Followers," and "Only You" doesn't allow that selectivity. 

Suggest adding a "Close Friends" or "Teammates" only option for activity viewing.