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Status: Gathering Kudos


Have you considered showing a marker for distances on the line in the post exercise statistics route visual. Perhaps the orange line could be broken by a white gap for each KM and/or Mile (in free) or custom amount (paid)? Or alternative visual like a symbol etc!? 

It’s nice to see my times for each km when I run but I don’t know from the map when each one started when reviewing my exercise after!


Thanks for considering,


Mt. Kenya

See subject line. Pretty straight forward.


Please vote on this existing Idea.

Mt. Kenya

Did this go anywhere or is still in "voting" stage? Seems like an easy add-on, that would be beneficial to the consumer

Mt. Kenya

Hi anewton00,

I think it's still in the "voting" stage, which I don't understand because I think it's "basic" functionality.

We must have patience.

Kind regards,


Mt. Kenya

I am using Garmin Connect link to Strava.  I only add friend connect on Strava since it can hide start and end points, which is very good.

Since I view both Garmin Connect and Strava, sometimes I am confused where I have seen.  Anyway I mean I though Strava can show milege markers.  But I don't see it today.  I wonder if this feature is never implemented or moved to paid version.  No matter what I wish that Strava can show milege marker on map.

Mt. Kenya

Definitely support this idea. It’s a basic feature of other apps that I can’t believe hasn’t been implemented yet


@IceBeauty - If you view your activity from the web version of Strava, you will see the mile splits on the left side of the screen and as you mouse over them, the mile sections represented by the split will be highlighted on the map of the activity.  

Mt. Kenya

I agree this would be great. When you're planning new routes and mixing up sections from different activities it's very useful to know the distance of each section. I used to be on Adidas app and this feature helped a lot. It's just some small dots with a number inside so it's not too intrusive.

Mt. Kenya

This would be a great improvement, my Fitbit map has this and I imagine would be fairly easy to implement