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Would be nice to see walking activities (walk, hike, wheelchair) in the My Stats element:




Yes, please! For one, sports that you don't participate in or that you haven't posted a single activity in should not appear in that section. Second, walking/hiking can have all the same stat types as running for all I care, but I agree, anything that can summarize stats for walking/hiking would be awesome! They already did something similar by converging hiking/walking/running as a sport type for clubs; I'm curious why that didn't extend to this.

I'd also like to see the ability to manually remove/add sports to this section of your profile.

Status changed to: Existing
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Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion. Technically, you can see your walking stats in the mobile app in the Personal Progress Chart, it's just not available on web, as you pointed out. Feel free to add a comment to this thread with that remark, since it's a similar request. If you're a subscriber, you can create a (weekly/monthly/annual) walking goal (distance/time) and easily track your progress that way, too. You can read more about setting goals here.


Ahh, I didn't think of that! I just love the summarizations you see per year and how easy the My Stats part of the website is to use. I still agree that expanding the My Stats to include sports of your choice is a good idea, but I'll make do with what I have.


Agree - @Jhow62 - would be nice to see yearly walk stats 🙂

Mt. Kenya

I agree that it would be an excellent addition to add walking stats on the Web as per the mobile app