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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Ok, here's the problem, which is also explained on another idea about leaderboards. A lot of the leaderboards have a bunch of fake activities on them, whether on purpose or not.

For example, a runner might get in their car and start driving without turning off their activity recording. And then a Segment has an unrealistic speed on it, and a new Crown etc. Another person can click on their profile and report that activity for review, but not if the person's profile is set to private. 

So instead of choosing whether our profiles are public or private, I'm suggesting that we could be given the option to choose whether we want to approve followers or not.

That way, we can approve followers only if we trust them. And then any activities we want to keep private, such as rides that reveal where we live or ones with pictures of our kids, we just set to Followers only.

I'm also suggesting, like I did on the other thread, that only activities marked as visible to Everyone would be counted for Segments and Leaderboards.

But the biggest thing is a slight change, and letting us approve followers rather than have a completely private profile. This would really help with all the unrealistic (hidden) activities on the leaderboards. And it would restore the integrity of the leaderboards so they actually mean something.

If you like this idea, please give it a thumbs-up! 🙂


I agree, this would be a good feature to help with moderating leaderboards and would still keep a balance between privacy and access to leaderboards.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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