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Status: Gathering Kudos

Have you every wanted to reminisce about old runs? Have you ever wanted to show that multiple activities were linked together? or Tell people about your progress from one workout/route to the next. Well I propose there be a feature added to link activities. It would similar to adding media. You would press a plus button on the edit activity page which would take you to your activity list you would then select the activity or activities that you would like to link to this activity. Then when looking at the activity It would show the other activities title in the description with the ability for users to click on it. 

Mt. Kenya

Hey hey! Hope all is well. I went on a mission today where I biked to a mountain, stashed my bike at the bottom and ran up the mountain, grabbed my bike at the bottom and the biked home. 
currently I have to record three seperate activities for this. 
1 - being the bike over, 2 - being the run up, and 3 being the bike back.

i was wondering if it was possible to form a way to perhaps “change workout” part way through a recording so that rather than three seperate activities, it’s counted as one long continuous activity involving a bike a run and a bike?


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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

If you participating in a multi day cycle event or doing a triathlon (multiple activities), it would be great to have the option to link each activity together to show a complete map and summary of the activities combined. This would mean that each activity is still recorded a separate event but Strava could aggregate the data to show combined results while still allowing users to expand and see the individual activities 
Providing the option to link activities together could unlock interesting insights such as rest time, recovery speed, total event times and provide a better user experience for showcasing the overall event on the feed. 


I have mixed feelings about this. I think for something like a triathlon it makes a lot of sense since it is one continuous activity happening in one day. Being able to see the total effort as one activity is preferable to breaking in into separate parts. It also reduces clutter in the feed. I think it's a bad idea to be able to combine most multiple day activities into a single activity. I often see people who take weeklong bicycle tours and post them as a single activity. It is highly misleading to post 7 separate 50 mile daily rides as a single 350 mile ride. If you are competing in a bikepacking race or a multi-day adventure race where you might only sleep for an hour or 2 at a time, that's a different story, but if you are just doing a tour then each day should be a separate activity.

Mt. Kenya

@ChrisBerry I agree with your points and I would not want this idea to be misleading in any way. To be clear, the way I picture it is that each activity should still be recorded as a stand alone ride but by using a "Linking" option Strava could generate a new component that shows the combined map with each start and end point for each activity plus a indicator for time between starts. Aggregates stats should not give the impression of a single ride but rather an event with rest periods in between. I think interesting insights can be gathered by understanding rest/fatigue/fitness over the event/tour. 

There should also be limits that only allow linking activities where the start times are no more than 24hrs apart as an example.  

Main use-case would be triathlons / multi-day events.  


If you look at the leaderboard for the May Climbing Challenge, the guy at the top has posted a ride with an elapsed time that spans 19 days as if it were a single ride. What he did over the course of 19 days was a huge effort covering over 3000 miles and 300,000 feet of elevation gain. It was, however, 19 separate rides over 19 days and not a single 3000 mile ride as it is represented. This kind of nonsense is the reason why I believe there should be some limits on linked activities.