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I am a Strava subscriber and ride an eMTB and I cannot be a Local Legend. My mate who is not a subscriber, we ride together regularly, has plenty of Local Legends. I ride off road far more that him, but as a subscriber I do not count as a Local Legend because I ride an eMTB.

Why are there no Electric Mountain Bike Ride segment Local Legends?

Also, the PC segment search is all but useless it matches any words in the search criteria

Type in

Escalator, Eleebana, New South Wales, Australia

and results from all over the world, 300+ come up

there is only one Escalator, Eleebana, New South Wales, Australia in the world, but I cannot find it in segment search.

And how do I find an eMTB segment?


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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I recently started riding a pedal assist ebike as well and have this same issue.  None of the cycling segments carried over to ebikes with their own leaderboards, they must be made all over again.  I've started making some locally and realized there is also no way to view ebike segments on the Strava map.