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Status: Gathering Kudos

The Problem: As a runner using Strava on Wear OS (Pixel Watch) when I pause and resume a run at an intersection, I often accidentally click the Finish button and end the run. Then I have to start a new run. This is not desireable.

My Thoughts: I feel this is casued by poor hierarchy of the buttons on the screen attached. The 'Resume' button measures 5mm tall with only a 1mm gap between it and the 'Finish' button. My experience trying to hit this tiny button is frustrating, because I'm usually out of breath (am exercising), trying to push the button quickly because the crosswalk just turned green, and the button is so small. 

It is my opinion that the current UI does not meet the Wear OS design principle Design For Critical Tasks.

Of the 4 clickable UI components on this screen, 2 of them are critical. Resume and Finish. Most activities will need to be finished, and most will need to be paused and resumed. Settings and Discard are rarely used and can probably be moved to another page (swipe).

The Request: As a runner using Strava on Wear OS (Pixel Watch), when I pause an activity I would like the 'Resume' button to be much larger and easier to click, So that I may easily click it in the middle of a workout and not accidentally finish my activity.

The User Acceptance Criteria: Given I am on a run using Strava on Wear OS, When I pause a run, then it is easier to resume the run.


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Adding examples of the Strava UI and flow for Stop->Resume from the Apple Watch. Notice that Resume and Finish are the only clickable elements on the middle page. Both have equal size and should be easy to click. Discarding and Saving are follow-up actions after Finish. This places the more critical tasks at the forefront and uses the limited space better.

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree. The resume button on the Pixel Watch is almost impossible to press correctly. I typically have to poke at the bottom of the screen a handful of times before it actually registers. Which is a real buzzkill when you're trying to get across an intersection before the light changes.

Mt. Kenya

Same, as a runner with the Pixel Watch it makes me miss using my old fossil watch on wear 2.0 with the old interface. This current wear os 3 interface is lazy and simple. Please at least make the resume button easy to push! I get so frustrated that sometimes I switch all together and use fitbit. I have even cancelled my subscription because of this design flaw. 

Mt. Kenya

Strava's wear OS interface is shamefully bad in every respect (run mode doesn't show distance???), but that being said, on my Samsung watch I just use the bottom physical button to pause/unpause.  Does the Pixel not have a physical button that will do the same?

Mt. Kenya

No, the Pixel doesn't have a button that pauses and unpauses. There are only two physical buttons.

Mt. Kenya

Still waiting for a resolution on this.  

I hate the resume button.  I keep finishing the runs when I want to resume it. 

This should be a simple solution, make the interface similar to the apple watch.  I don't know why, but this feels like Strava self sabotage.

Mt. Kenya

I came here to leave the same frustration. As a professional product/UX designer, I 100% agree that this is a design flaw that enhances risk of error.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed,poor are better off using the Fitbit app and syncing to Strava