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Status: Gathering Kudos

My suggestion is simple; please add a custom distance increment option for the audio cues, as it would be quite welcome! This is important because the half mile or mile increment can sometimes be a bit too large for my purposes, especially when adding small distances to my runs and building up slowly; because there is no option for a tenth of a mile or a quarter-mile or tenth-of-a-mile increment, I have to use a different app simultaneously that will offer feedback with my preferred intervals. It is very clunky to keep opening up my app to see if I've hit the next quarter of/tenth of a mile or not, and having the ability to get feedback at smaller, custom increments would be highly useful and allow me to consolidate into one app. Thank you 

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Mt. Kenya

Totally agree with this. I have switched to Strava from Runkeeper. But I am going back to Runkeeper as I like audio alerts every quarter mile